Alliance at Dundonald – 16th October

Now that we have entered October the ‘winter’ golf events start to take place and I was looking forward to going to Dundonald again despite really struggling with my game. It’s difficult when you get quite close to playing well and then everything seems to just go backwards but there is a reason for that and more than likely I will have to break it all down and get back to basics. Never the less I was still happy to go along and have a chat with some guys who I have made friends with through the Alliance.

I was playing with an old amateur friend, who was a really good scratch golfer back in the 90’s and who I played a bit of Alliance golf with last year. He and I go back as far as the Glasgow County team of that time and he’s a very down to earth honest bloke. As we got going the weather wasn’t looking great but we just got on with it regardless and chatted away for most of the front 9. He could see I was struggling and noticed that my timing was quite a bit out despite the swing looking fairly solid. That’s the good thing about playing with a good player who knows your game as they can spot things you don’t normally do quite quickly. As we discussed the mechanics of the golf swing we also were chatting about the Logos ProAm and the work I’ve been doing this past year. He knows I’m a Christian and is happy to chat about my role as an ambassador but you always know with him when you’ve said enough and you leave it there. As we got into the back 9 the light rain became a little bit stronger and made it quite difficult to keep the equipment dry. There were a lot of punchy shots to keep control of the club and this suited me as I wasn’t confident enough in my full swing to trust it. I’m going to have to break it down on the practise ground over the winter and get back to the rythmn that keeps my game consistent – tempo.

I enjoyed my time with him and even though we had another wet and windy day I was pleased to get the opportunity to catch up with him again. He asked what time I was playing in the next event and I suppose that’s a positive that he wants to play with me again. As we handed our cards in I came across another of his friends and my Alliance foursomes partner. He and I have played quite a bit in team games for the Alliance and he was asking how I was getting on, in particular the Logos ProAm at Archerfield. I mentioned I was still looking for some teams and he said that even if he couldn’t get a team he would be happy to come along as an individual. I have to admit I wouldn’t have thought that would have been his thing but good to know he’s thought about it after our chats this past year.

When things are not going as they are supposed to and the frustration builds over time, it is very difficult to see the bigger picture. We are blinded to the fact that it’s not going our way and we’re not happy about it. The hardest thing is to ask ourselves what we can learn from the experience and what can make us stronger by going through it. I thought my game was just going to keep improving without keeping an eye on the foundations and the basics of what I needed to play consistent golf. I was getting ahead of myself and have learned a very humbling lesson. We need to constantly maintain everything about ourselves as it’s so easy to just forget about smaller things thinking they’re ‘fine’. Complacency is one of the biggest problems in our Christian lives and one that can lead to so many other issues. I pray against it for us all that the smaller issues don’t turn into bigger problems.

Please pray for the Logos ProAm and for those mentioned in this report.

In his service,


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