Portugal Masters – 19th-21st September 2018

Throughout the season, any time I asked a player to recommend a tournament to bring my family to, 99% of the time they said the Portugal Masters. So that’s what I did, and it gave the visit to Vilamoura a special dimension, in that I had my wife Amy and daughter Jessica (2) with me. 

Over the last few months I’ve mentioned many names and described several scenes to Amy, therefore having her and Jessica present to meet some of those people and understand the look and feel of the tournament set-up was good. It was important to us both.

At various points from Wednesday to Sunday, we’d be at the course for a couple of hours and often crossed paths with people for chats. Having the family with me put a different but nice slant on many of the conversations.

Away from the course, we also bumped into some golfers and their families at Vilamoura marina where most gathered for dinner in the evenings. On the Friday night we shared a lovely meal with one christian golfer and his fiancé, and that was a special time of fellowship.

 After the tournament we stayed on for a couple of days holiday, and we managed to keep those days golf-free!!

Next week I’ll have what looks to be my penultimate LOGOS/CIS golf trip of 2018. It’s in my native Scotland at the Dunhill Links Championship – split between St Andrews, Kingsbarns and Carnoustie. Looking forward to it!

Thanks again for your continued support and prayers.


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