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Mini Tour event at Gleneagles – 8/5/18

After a beautiful Bank Holiday weekend, it was disappointing to have an afternoon of misty rain and cool temperature of 11 degrees, but it was still nice to play the Queen’s Course at Gleneagles. No matter how many times I make the drive I’m always aware of the stature of the venue and just how vast it is. With 3 tournament courses, a Par 3 course and a golf academy, not even taking into account the numerous European Tour events and a Ryder Cup, that kind of says it all.

We all settled in the Dormie House for lunch before play and it was good to catch up with two younger guys that I had played with. They already knew my back story but there was little to mention about taking the conversations further than before.

As we moved down to the academy for some practise before play, I got to talking with a leading player about golf and the year ahead. He has been a top player on this tour over the past 10 years and is now thinking about getting a ‘real’ job as the opportunities to play are going down each year. He was not on the list of professionals I was planning to invite to the Logos Pro-Am, and as we spoke about the future I was in two minds to invite him along, but thought it best to stick to the list for now. Maybe this could change.

It was a later tee time of 3pm and I was playing with one of the two I chatted with at lunch and a player from Edinburgh. Both of these guys knew each other from Europro events, so they were chatting away quite regularly, but I did get the opportunity to speak with the Edinburgh player early on about my role and had a fairly positive reaction.

Both are not PGA professionals, so are not eligible to enter the Logos Pro-Am, but maybe in years to come we might need to have a non PGA event to allow other tour players to attend. Something to pray about going forward. There were a few other ‘bites’ throughout the round and this came in the form of how my own life has changed from my younger days which the boys could relate to better. They are just in their mid 20s so are still enjoying socialising which I know seems fun at their time in life.

We all played reasonably well despite the mixed weather and going into the back 9 all of us were under par. It’s always a really good test playing alongside quality players and keeping pace with them was really encouraging. I now feel my game is ready to challenge on the Tartan Tour which can only be positive for my work with Logos.

Heading down the last few holes it was clear that the guys were really pushing for more birdies and this is where I probably tried to protect what I had. Either way can work depending on the circumstances, but I was probably a bit over cautious and it made the difference between a top 10 and top 5 finish. Still a decent showing among a strong field of players but I know this can be improved. It’s always a good sign when your disappointed with a score in the 60s, but I could have been at least a couple of shots better.

Heading home, I began to think of my next event at Deer Park which is a venue that I normally play well at. I really pray for some good conversations at this event which will not only lead to more Professionals attending the Pro-Am, but to prompt those to ask me questions that they want to without feeling restricted.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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Rocco Forte Sicilian Open, 8 – 10 May 2018

The third trip of 2018 was to the Rocce Forte Sicilian Open at the Verdura Golf resort near Sciacca, on the south coast of Sicily. A combination of the sunny weather and the links set-up of the course made this a stunning venue for a European Tour event.

Many of the higher profile players chose not to put this on their schedule, preferring instead to have some rest or practice time at home as they gear up for Wentworth in a couple of weeks. Indeed, the players I had met up with on behalf of LOGOS / Christians in Sport at previous events in Madrid and Morocco opted not to travel to Sicily. However, my prayer was that God might let those circumstances mean that new relationships could be established.

On Wednesday morning, I had breakfast with a Christian caddie who had been at the previous events with a different golfer. This was a good one-to-one time to catch up on family, golf, and spiritual matters.

Throughout the couple of days there were several opportunities to briefly share about the LOGOS / Christians in Sport role with other golfers, caddies and some who work in media circles. Often, the short explanation doesn’t draw too many further questions, but it gets the cogs turning in peoples’ minds I’m sure!

I took the chance to walk round a few holes with four players on Wednesday afternoon – two of them Scots who I knew a little bit already. Given they were all just practising, it provided a lot of opportunities to chat to them about several things and all these times are so valuable in terms of relationship-building.

Not a bad view!

Thursday is always a very busy day helping with the equipment survey, but in the hour break between doing the morning starters and preparing for the afternoon starters, I met with another Christian golfer who had not played at the previous events in Morocco or Madrid. Unexpectedly, he introduced me to another golfer from Zimbabwe, and his American wife (who also caddies for him). That couple are Christians and there was much mutual encouragement from that crossing of paths.

Amongst other subjects, we reflected on the story of Zacchaeus and how although people might have written him off, he still “wanted to see who Jesus was”. Therefore we reminded each other not to assume that people on the tour are not interested in Christ, but take encouragement that sometimes the unlikeliest individual’s heart can be curious and ultimately transformed.

Overall, Sicily was a really worthwhile time and I’m heartened by the group of Christians who are emerging in this golfing world. I’m also thankful to God for answering the prayer that this event would still be meaningful, even without the players who I had met up with before.

Next week, I’m not at the event in Belgium, but the following week will be a big one at Wentworth for the PGA Championship. I’m staying on the full week for that to fulfil BBC Scotland responsibilities, too.

Thanks to all of you who are faithfully praying for me in this role, and be sure to know that, three events in, I’m already excited about how God is moving in and around the European Tour.

Bye for now, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  You can follow Kenny on Twitter here.




Mini Tour Event at Ladybank – 19/4

This proved a really encouraging event and came on the back off a positive encounter in the Alliance meeting at Irvine three days before.

Just before we teed off at Irvine, I bumped into another fellow professional. He was already booked to play with some other guys or he would have joined us, but we had a good chat on the putting green and after I explained about our Logos Pro-Am  event at Archerfield this year he was more than happy to come along again as one of the pros. A really good guy to have on board and I was pleased that he wants to catch up soon on a one-to-one basis over a few holes before the event which is very positive.

Three days later at Ladybank, it was so nice to wake up to blue sky and sun and the forecast was for a decent temperature of 18 degrees which meant a great day for golf. We were playing the Open qualifying course of Ladybank, which is normally used when the Open is held at St. Andrews. A great course which is very tight but normally I play well round it despite the tree-lined fairways.

After some practise and breakfast, I started my game with a Challenge Tour player and a former European Tour winner. It really is a different level playing in one of these events, but great practice for the Tartan Tour. As we made our way from the 2nd Tee I got to explain to both the guys about my personal life and my role with Logos. They had known each other previously so they chatted quite a bit regarding golf but I managed to get in there a few times and the Challenge Tour player especially asked my how fostering impacted my life and how this related to my Logos role.

It gave me quite a good platform to go into more detail about my story and this is always a good way to get the message across effectively. The former European Tour winner is more of a talker so it was interesting listening to some of the stories he had about being on tour and I think this is just an extension of his corporate work that keeps him busy, which he is very good at.

As we played in the perfect conditions for golf, the game seemed so different and a million miles away from waterproofs, tammy and cold winds. Playing in shorts sleeves just makes everything more relaxing and enjoyable and this is definitely the way golf should be played. As we reached the 11th hole we were all hovering around even par and although none of us were holing many putts we were striking it well. I made an error in shot selection at the 11th and the 16th holes which cost me a couple of shots, but apart from that I had played really well and hit probably the best shot of the round at the 18th which was a 190 yard 5 iron I had to draw round a tree which landed perfectly in the middle of the green. Despite not holing the long putt I knew then my game was in really good shape and these events have improved my confidence no end.

The Challenge Tour player was the best of us with 72 and I was only a couple of shots back but was pleased with the way I played. At lunch thee other player gave us some more stories of travelling and of some well known golfers from years gone by, but it would have been nice to share a bit more with him had he ventured there. The Challenge Tour player was definitely more open to it and I hope we can meet up again soon if his schedule allows. He is travelling around Europe over the next couple of months and I wished him well on his play while being away from home.

A really positive day all round and this always makes the drive home a little easier. Although my main aim is to make a difference, I still want to compete and I now feel I can with the new equipment. I know that through my golf I can make a difference and that more players will take notice of me the more competitive I am. I trust God will be with me all the way and pray for His guidance in months ahead for conversations both brief and extensive.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the ministry this year.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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West Alliance v East Alliance Match – Troon Links – 12/4

Normally this event has been held at Bruntsfield Links in the East for as long as I’ve known, but this year the West were hosting and the venue was Troon Links. Of the 3 courses available we were playing morning foursomes on the Darley and then afternoon fourballs on the Lochgreen. A long day of golf but an enjoyable day none the less, despite the usual wintry conditions.

On arriving I chatted with two professionals who always play in the Alliance matches, and the topic of conversation was of course the US Masters that had just been played at the weekend. The standard of golf on that final day was incredible.  As we gave our own views of the event we were given our amateur partners for the day and I was pleased to be paired with my playing partner from last year. He calls me the ‘Holy Golfer’ but I know it is only some light-hearted banter and I’m glad that he remembered me and our chats.

We were playing against a couple of younger guys , and during the opening holes I managed to get a brief chat with one of them regarding Logos which he accepted but did not really say much to me about it after that. The other was so focused on his golf that he did not really say much at all during the 1st round. We won on the 17th hole after being 3 down at the turn.

As we walked in for lunch, my partner asked me how things were going with my role and I think he had been waiting to speak to me about this for a while. It was good to consolidate the conversations I had with him last year and also give details about the Pro-Am this year at Archerfield. He definitely seemed interested and hopefully this can be a new team for the event.

The afternoon weather did not improve and there was no real let up with the cold east wind and rain. We all struggled a bit with the conditions that afternoon and playing the second round of the day felt even more tiring, but its important to keep trying your best even if everything seems to be going against you. The boys started to play really well in the back 9 and despite our best efforts we lost our match. After a long day of golf we had won a point and lost a point and it makes you realise just how fit these players are that compete in the Ryder Cup, playing 5 rounds in 3 days. Think I’ll rule myself out for that one this year!

When we got to the last green at 6pm, everyone was ready for a sharp exit home as it was still raining and not very pleasant. This year the East were clear winners 17 – 7 and this was a reverse result from last year. A good event that is supposed to be a friendly but definitely felt more serious this year. I look forward to a return match next year at Bruntsfield Links and hopefully a proper spring day without the waterproofs. Will winter ever end??

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Pro-Am teams at Archerfield.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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17-19 April 2018 – Trophee Hassan II

The second European Tour trip of the year was at the Trophee Hassan II event in Morocco. It is held at the stunning Royal Golf Dar Es Salam course just outside the country’s capital, Rabat. In many ways it’s an immaculate setting, but there was a feeling amongst the 156-strong field that the greens were too difficult, because of the challenging undulations on them that were a recent tweak by the course designer.

One golfer mentioned that on some greens, if putting from 25 feet, it was difficult to get it within 10 feet, and that players would find themselves trying to hole eight or nine foot putts to make par. That, perhaps, then explains why there were a clutch of players up at +7 or +8 after the opening round!

 Sunny weather was a real bonus, especially after an unexpectedly cold and windy time in Madrid the week before. Despite being close to the coast, the golf course is surrounded and laced with many mature trees and therefore it was almost dead calm for round one on Thursday.

At midday on Wednesday I met up with two golfers so we could spend some time looking at a few Bible verses and then pray together. We reflected on the idea of being ‘bold’ for Christ, and how we can be confident in God equipping us with the ability and courage to do that, if we make it our desire. Here are a couple of the verses we looked at:

Ephesians 6 v 19-20: “Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.”

Acts 4 v 13: “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realised that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”

I encouraged the two guys not to underestimate the power they can have for God in being ambassadors for Jesus Christ – in the way they behave, in the way they speak and in the way they play golf. The verse in Acts was encouraging because it reminded them that they do not have to be Bible scholars to represent Christ in a good way. Our prayer at the end was that other players will gradually sense that the Christian players are people who ‘have been with Jesus’, so to speak.

There was another player-caddie partnership that had expressed interest in the meeting on Wednesday, but weren’t able to make it. However, I caught up with them for 20 minutes on the putting green later in the day for a chat and that was very worthwhile in gathering more context about their lives.

I can already see how the process is of building relationships and trust with players, caddies and others involved in the European Tour operation is gradual, yet crucial.

Thursdays are very busy in terms of the equipment survey for much of the morning and afternoon, but there was still the opportunity to go out and take in some golf and I varied who I spent time watching.

Overall, I continue to be very grateful for this role on the European Tour, and can see why this presence is so worthwhile. Two events in, I’ve probably made more progress than I expected on the relationship-building side of it, so that is something to be thankful to God for.

The next tournament I attend is from 8-10 May at the Rocco Forte Open in Sicily, so it would be really great if you can pray that God can go before me on that trip.

I sincerely appreciate your interest and support.

Thanks, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  You can follow Kenny on Twitter here.


10-12 April 2018 – Open de Espana

My first golf trip with Christians in Sport / LOGOS to the Open de Espana was really worthwhile, interesting and enjoyable – even though the weather in Madrid was quite overcast and cold until Thursday!

Before travelling to Spain, I was encouraged by a verse that my predecessor Ken Revie shared with me:

Isaiah 52 v 12: “…The Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.”

Remembering that small sentence from the Bible helped me to go into this first event with reassurance of God’s support and help.

It was great to touch base with a few of the players/caddies who are Christians. In particular, I chatted with two players and one caddie who are keen to meet on a regular basis. I’m really looking forward to developing these relationships over the coming months. Next week in Morocco we’ll spend a longer time together looking at a Bible passage and praying together before the tournament begins.

But in a wider sense this work is also about developing relationships and trust with golfers / caddies who are not Christians (the very large majority). So that can often mean simply talking about golf, other sports (most of the golfers are also big football fans!) and family.

I had good chats at the course with a few of the Scottish players who I had existing relationships with through BBC work. Then over dinner I got to know another player from further afield. They are all aware of what my role with Christians in Sport / LOGOS entails, even though it didn’t dominate those conversations.

During the couple of days in Madrid, one person in particular asked me several sincere questions about my Christian faith, and sometimes it was quite challenging to answer those! It was a strong reminder to me that people are searching for true hope in life.

On Thursdays at events, I help a sports marketing company do a survey of players’ equipment. This means being on the practice range for a large part of the day, noting what clubs / balls / clothes the players use, as they each come to the range for 30-60 minutes before they start the tournament. It is another good way of being in close contact with the players and their caddies.

My prayer is that I can be a good ambassador for Christ in the way I speak and act in all my dealings with people on the European Tour.

This Saturday it’s back to BBC football work in Glasgow and then next Tuesday I fly to Rabat in Morocco for a couple of days at the Trophee Hassan event.

Thanks for your interest and support


Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  You can follow Kenny on Twitter here.


Mini Tour Event at Prestwick – 30/3/18

Another cold day at the west coast and winter does not want to go away anytime soon this year. The last event of the winter Mini Tour was at the always playable Prestwick St. Nicholas and I was surprised at my mixed group but great to play with a leading Scottish junior and a Ladies European Tour player.

As we sat in the bar before play I had a good chat with the junior player and was blown away that he was still only 17! I was able to inform him of my back story which was quickly backed up by another player sitting down next to us and asking a bit more about Logos. A good start to the day and after a great roll and sausage with coffee we made our way out to get ready.

It was around the 4th hole that I was able to explain to the LET player in more detail regarding my role with Logos along with the Pro-Am at Archerfield, and she seemed quite enthusiastic about it. I think the fact we have Alison Nicholas coming to speak sparked her interest even more but she did seem more interested in my role as a foster carer and how that impacted my life.

The junior player was very quiet during the round but he is a young lad and I can see how golf is the main thing he is focusing on. Later on in the round I asked him about his plans for the future and he is determined to receive a GB & I cap over the next few years and then see where he goes from there. It seems that he has a good amount of support from the SGU and his family, and with how well he plays I think he has a bright future in the game.

It is always difficult to score well when conditions are as cold and windy, but I took this as another practise for the main season and didn’t worry about the score too much. The new clubs are more consistent and I am definitely getting a better flight on the ball with accurate distances. We all finished with really good shots into the final 200 yard par 3 with everyone hitting the green and that’s always a good feeling at St. Nicks, especially with the clubhouse directly to the right of the 18th green.

The one thing I really like about these events is that we all sit down afterwards and have a meal together and this is all included in the entry fee. It gives a good chance for conversation and I was able to speak with a Tartan Tour regular, who just so happened to be interested in the Logos Pro-Am at the end of the year. He wasn’t at the event last year so I thought it would be good for him to attend, and after extending the invite he was more than happy to accept.

A really positive event and all the pros I speak with seem eager to attend the Pro-Am in October. Watch this space.

Please pray for all those mentioned in this report.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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Mini Tour Event & Alliance at Western Gailes – 14th & 16th March

With so many rescheduled events this winter it was a busy period with 3 events in the one week and 2 of them at the same venue. I have combined the two events at Western Gailes in this report to prevent overkill.

The first event at Western was a Mini Tour event. I had played with the host last year and he told me about his tour so thought I would try and support it as much as my schedule would allow. As I arrived and made my way to the lounge I met two fellow PGA pros. One was just walking out but I sat and had a coffee with the other and got the chance to tell him about our event at Archerfield this year.

I had been planning on inviting him anyway but thought this was a good chance to get in there early and he was happy to accept the invite. I got the opportunity to chat to him last year about Logos during an event so the Pro-Am will be a good way of moving things forward with him. More to come I think.

We got going around 10.30am in a very cold stiff breeze and my playing partners were one I knew from the old Glasgow Golf Union days and two new faces. I think the former is aware of my role with Logos but he never said anything over the course of the round and neither did the other two boys.

Normally when identifying our balls on the 1st tee it sparks some kind of interest, but even after 9 holes, and hearing some of the conversations the boys were having amongst themselves, I kind of resigned myself to the fact there would not be much interest out of the group. It does happen occasionally but not very often and I always know when to say something and when to leave it.

A very tough day out on the course and a decent score of 75 despite the usual 30mph cross winds. Another practice with the new clubs was very beneficial and I knew I would be using this week to really get a feel for them before the summer season kicks off. Although not much to speak of from the group it was good to catch up with the other PGA pro beforehand and consolidate our previous chats. Always a positive.

On the Friday, I returned to Western for a rearranged Alliance match and the wind had returned with me. A bitterly cold day and I knew it was going to be a tough one but was looking forward to playing with a fellow pro and my dad.

The pro had already agreed to support the Logos Pro-Am at Archerfield and anytime I speak with him he is very encouraging and looks to help in any way possible. As both he and my dad are both relatively quiet guys, it was good to see them engaging well throughout the round, and as we finished off I was pleased with the outcome of the day. Sometimes we think we know all the angles and it just takes a slightly different point of view from the right person to make us see things in a whole new way.

I will see  my fellow pro again soon as we have both been selected for the West of Scotland Alliance to play against the East of Scotland Alliance at Troon in April. This is a great opportunity to get some in-depth chat as the event lasts the whole day with Lunch and Dinner, so I pray for the right situations and some good opportunities to share.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the growth of the ministry in Scotland.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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Alliance at West Kilbride – 13/3

After a very long spell of poor weather it was good to finally get going after so many cancelled events over the past couple of months. Having recently been fitted for a new set of clubs, I finally got the chance to try them out and it was good to have a pleasant day at West Kilbride.

It’s not often the sun has made an appearance this year, but as we walked up the 1st hole it almost felt tropical (with a stiff breeze). Once you get past the first couple of holes there is not much shelter, so we felt the full force of the cold wind and we realised that we were still in Scotland. My playing partner and I got chatting right away and it wasn’t long before I was discussing the Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am of last year where we had Luther Blacklock as our guest speaker.

I got to explain what the purpose of it was and how our guest speakers share their personal stories. I was encouraged when he asked how much it was for a team as this normally shows an interest for attending, and at least the seed was planted for later on in the year as I mentioned that Alison Nicholas was going to speak at our Archerfield event in October.

As we continued round I was surprised how consistent we were playing considering the lack of golf that has taken place, and as my partner was playing off a 2 handicap, he was matching me most of the way round which was good for the competition aspect. Before we turned for the back 9, he mentioned that he knew of a Christian player, who also plays at his club. He knows that the player is quite involved in his church so it’s good that there is another Christian contact there in his area.

From our remaining conversations over the rest of the round, he struck me as a very honest guy who, although has made no particular stance on his faith, is intelligent and keeps an open mind on various issues. I really enjoyed our game together and pray for another opportunity to speak to him which may lead to attending the Logos event at Archerfield.

As we finished the game and said our goodbyes I was left feeling encouraged about my new clubs and my conversations with my playing partner. I just have one more meeting to attend  to confirm everything regarding the Pro-Am for this year and will then send out the details of the day. Looking forward to an exciting year of golf and another successful Logos Pro-Am.

Please pray for those mentioned and for the Logos Pro-Am 2018.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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Kenny’s relishing new European Tour role


We are delighted to announce that Kenny Crawford is joining the team bringing support to the professional world of golf.

Kenny, a BBC Sport journalist who has been involved with Christians in Sport for many years, takes over from Ken Revie on the European Tour. Ken has retired after 10 years in the role.

The travelling lifestyle of a Tour golfer means regular and significant times away from local church community and teaching, making it difficult for churches to support and reach them.

The appointment of Kenny comes at the start of an exciting year ahead for the growing LOGOS golf ministry of which Christians in Sport took over leadership in 2017. Kenny will work alongside Alison Nicholas and Vincent Brown. Between them, they will travel on three professional tours (European Tour, Ladies European Tour and Tartan Tour) to offer their support in 2018.

Kenny Crawford

Kenny (pictured) said: “I’m so pleased and grateful to be given this opportunity to help LOGOS and Christians in Sport on the European Tour. The circumstances which led to it happening have given me a settled belief that it is the right path to pursue. It is sure to be interesting and exciting, yet challenging too. I can see how the life experiences I’ve had so far have all helped to form a blend of attributes that God can graciously use. My love for golf, people and Christ will hopefully shine through.”

Kenny is married to Amy and they have a daughter called Jessica, who will turn two in May. He is one of eight elders at Cartsbridge Evangelical Church in Busby, Glasgow, and a regular preacher for both the whole congregation and at the youth fellowship. Between 2009 and 2011, he attended a part-time theology course at Tilsley Bible College in Motherwell.

He added: “Since 2012, I’ve worked as a sports journalist at BBC Sport Scotland. I thoroughly enjoy it and hope to continue in that career as well. Through it I have built up good, personal relationships with several golfers. Hopefully the roles with LOGOS and BBC Sport Scotland can work alongside each other well, as we go forward.”

Christians in Sport General Director Graham Daniels said: “We are delighted that Kenny has made himself available to travel on the European Tour. Kenny’s theological training and understanding of the professional world of golf makes him a perfect fit to build upon the lasting-legacy left by Ken Revie during his 10 years of service on the Tour.’’



Alison Nicholas (left) and Vincent Brown are LOGOS’ representatives on the Ladies European Tour and Tartan Tour respectively

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