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News from Logos Golf Ministries Chaplains on the Tour

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Open de France, Paris – 27-29 June 2018

Hype surrounded this year’s Open de France because the course upon which it is played – Le Golf National – is the venue for the 2018 Ryder Cup in September. Several big-name players were in the field with the added objective in mind of getting a proper peak at the course in advance of the iconic event in September.

World number two Justin Thomas (USA) was there, as were Jon Rahm (Spain), Graeme McDowell (NIR), Thomas Bjorn (Den), Ian Poulter (Eng) and Sergio Garcia (Spain). Le Golf National is a beautiful course, but a tough one, and the 25mph wind on a scorching Thursday made scoring difficult. Only 14 players in a field of 150+ finished in red numbers after the first round. The rough was unforgiving and it will be interesting to see if it is cut back slightly for the Ryder Cup.

On Wednesday, four of us – two players, a European Tour support staff member and I – had an encouraging hour studying Matthew chapter 8 and praying together. The phrase leading our time was ‘faith and following’, delving into the chapter and looking at the different stories in which varying levels of ‘faith and following’ manifested themselves.

There was the leper (v 1-4), the centurion (v 5-13), the teacher (v 18-22) and the disciples (v 23-27). Working our way through each of those four short accounts, we noted and reflected on examples of amazing faith, wavering faith, dedicated following of Jesus, or following that was outmuscled by other priorities. Laced through all that were constant reminders of the power, consistency, hope and reliability there is in Jesus Christ.

The notes from this study were circulated to five more people not present at the Open de France; two players and two caddies competing in the Asian Tour event in Thailand, and a golf coach often present on the European Tour.

On Thursday, during duties with the equipment survey, there was an unexpected conversation with a caddie. His response to hearing that I was involved in a Christian role was that some of his grown-up children find church meaningful back in the UK, therefore he has a healthy respect for the Christian faith.

Later on Thursday evening, I had a chance to catch up with a player-caddie partnership who I’ve regularly met with and got to know quite well. This was a shorter get-together, but an equally valuable one, particularly from the perspective of offering encouragement when it was needed.

So, all in, a lot squeezed into a couple of days and God blessed us in many ways. Through study, through fellowship, through unexpected conversations, through success in tasks needing completed and through safety in travel. I am thankful to Him for all of that. He definitely ‘goes before’ us.

A sincere thanks again to those who pray and support this role on the European Tour, which is continuing to be such a worthwhile one.

Amy, Jessica and I are having a week’s holiday in Scotland now, before a busy fortnight at the Scottish Open and The Open. At both I will stay on for the full week for BBC Scotland duties.

Bye for now, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Tastylia .

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Shot Clock Masters, Austria, 5-7 June

A busy three-week spell ended with a great few days at the Shot Clock Masters in Atzenbrugg, Austria – about an hour west of Vienna in the car. I had been to Austria once before in 2010 but was again struck by how pleasant a country it is. The towns I passed through or stayed in were all very clean and people seem to do a good job of looking after their own patch.

This was a lower profile European Tour event than the likes of Wentworth’s PGA Championship and the Italian Open in the weeks earlier, but still a really productive one in terms of relationship building.

Two Scottish players and a caddie arrived at Vienna airport at the same time as me and we ended up sharing a car journey to the golf course together, which was the first of several nice, unplanned opportunities that week to get to know people better.

On another occasion, I shared a meal with five caddies and it was interesting to have conversations with them about some of the joys and challenges of that role.

Of the players I normally meet up with for a Bible study, there was only one of them playing at this event, but we still had a meaningful time together looking at the closing part of the story of Joseph in a few different parts of Genesis 45 – 50.

We focused on the mercy and grace shown by Joseph to his brothers, when he revealed his identity in Egypt. The brothers, in the knowledge of their wrongdoing towards him, expected Joseph would want retribution, yet Joseph was forgiving and willing to give them a fresh start.

Genesis 50 v 20-21: Joseph said to his brothers: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid, I will provide for you and your children.” And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them.

We then paralleled that with a well known verse in Romans to reflect on God’s mercy and grace towards us through Jesus Christ.

Romans 5 v 8: “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Even if all the players I normally meet with are not there, the content of the study is still circulated to them so they can reflect on it wherever they are in the world!

Further chances and opportunities to get alongside new people arose unexpectedly during the week, and it highlighted again to me that God goes before us and prepares the way for encounters he wants to happen – even if it is just to talk about normal things. I am hugely encouraged and excited about the week in Austria.

The next event I’m attending is the Open de France at the end of June, so it will be nice to have a couple of weeks over the next fortnight where my work keeps me in the Glasgow area.

Thanks for all your support and prayers.


Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Tastylia .

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The European Tour moved from Wentworth to Brescia, near the south of Lake Garda, for the Italian Open and it was great to be part of another one of the more high-profile events on the calendar. Fleetwood, Poulter, McDowell, Noren, Kaymer…many big names were there competing for a prize pot in equal value to Wentworth.

Crowds were predictably lower than that of England a week before, but the weather warmer and the ‘Gardagolf’ course stunning in places. It is the golfing home of Italy’s Matteo Mannasero.

 Wednesday was spent catching up with three golfers and a caddie for some Bible study and prayer. We looked at part of the story of Joseph in Genesis – what a great character to learn lessons and take inspiration from!

We looked at some of the different periods in his life between Genesis 37 – 41. Periods of prosperity and periods of prison, yet God was with him during both. Periods of pressure when he made the right call in difficult situations because of his close relationship with God. Periods of proclaiming when he picked his moments to publicly acknowledge God’s help in his life.

The players were encouraged by reflecting on these areas of Joseph’s story and there were several parallels able to be drawn to the golfing world as well.

One of the players also introduced me to a golf coach who is a Christian and who is keen to keep in touch. He won’t be present at every event, but will meet with us at those he does come to.

That’s five events I’ve attended now and I’m thankful for how they have gone in terms of continuing the work with the Christian golfers, and in terms of building relationships with other players and people. A lot of conversations happen over these days at events – some short, some long – and they are all valuable in different ways.

Tomorrow morning, I fly out to Vienna for the Austria Shot-clock Masters. I’m looking forward to it and would appreciate your continued prayer support; for safety in travel and for the chance to have more meaningful times.

Thanks very much, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Tastylia .




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Deer Park 36 Hole Challenge – 21-22/5

I was really looking forward to playing this event due to the fact my game was in decent shape and out of all the venues across the country, this is the course I have performed best on over the years, even making a cheque last time out. My confidence was high and I felt that the only thing needed was to hole more putts so I made the decision to change my putter a few days before the event. In hindsight this was probably not the wisest decision.

On day 1 of the tournament I was paired with a younger player and an old boss and friend. As we got going in glorious sunshine, it was quite clear that the course had dried out a bit and was playing a bit firey. Balls were not stopping at all on the greens and it almost played like a links course. A completely different course to what we normally get and my old boss made a good point that this course probably plays easier when wet despite being a fairly long course.

It wasn’t till the start of the back 9 that I got to chat with the younger guy about the ministry but we had a good conversation about what I do walking down the long 11th fairway and at first he seemed a bit surprised about the role I was doing but then accepted it as I explained more. He is a young lad and I find more and more that young ones these days have much more on their minds than God and faith and this is a result of the constant bombardment of what the world tells us we need all the time.

My old boss, on the other hand, knows my story and the role I have but he does not go there at all. He has already agreed to come along to the Pro-Am in October and I hope this will eventually move things forward for him to talk to me about it more. I’ll keep praying.

As we played on, it was clear that my choice of putter was not the best decision of the week. With how firm the greens were it was very difficult to get the ball close to the hole and I was finding the longer putts hard to judge with the different stick. After hitting 13 greens in regulation I ended up taking 40 putts on the greens which effectively took me out of the tournament and left me very annoyed with myself as I didn’t hit the ball that bad. I just wanted to use the new putter and went with my gut instead of using my head. Never a good thing to do!

We had a quick drink before leaving and discovered that there were some high scores from some good players, which was probably a result of the firm conditions, but that just made me more frustrated because if I’d only used my old putter I know that I could have been sitting well inside the top half and made a decent finish on day 2. I knew what was required the next day.

I was out quite early on the second day and was playing with a couple of guys that have played with me several times at this course. Both of the boys know about the ministry and I have chatted to each of them on separate occasions at Deer Park so it was nice to consolidate the previous conversations.  Right away, one of them asked me about the Logos Pro-Am this year and even said he is looking to bring a team to it which was great. Not even off the 1st tee and a great chat before we played which really encouraged me.

With the old putter now back in the bag I felt more comfortable and I was more at ease on the greens from the off. Distance control was far better and I didn’t feel that apprehensive way on the longer putts like the day before. We all played fairly consistently and chatted quite a bit for most of the round which gave me the chance to go into a bit more detail about my role with the more inquisitive guy especially. This resulted in us swapping details so that he can be kept up to date with the Logos Pro-Am and it will be an added bonus if he can bring a team along.

Despite being disappointed with the way I played myself out of the tournament, I was pleased with the overall event and the additional results that came from it. I know I am not far away from playing really well and just need to make better choices both before and during the round. A decent second round was the result of the right choice of putter and a 7-shot improvement, but even 33 putts is still too many. There’s more work to be done in that department and still more seeds to be sown as well as cultivation.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the right people to be drawn to the Logos Pro-Am this year.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email Tastylia Australia







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BMW PGA Championship, Wentworth, 22 – 24 May

What a privilege to be able to spend the week at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, the first time I’ve experienced that event in person.

Mixed weather on Thursday and Friday was gradually replaced by scorching sun at the weekend, providing fitting conditions for Italy’s Francesco Molinari to win after finishing as runner-up to Alex Noren last year.

I arrived on Tuesday evening and stayed in Sunningdale, just five minutes away by car. Wednesday’s focus was purely on supporting some of the Christian golfers/caddies and at this event it worked out better to see them individually at different times, because the hype and busyness  is much more than that of regular tournaments. It was heartening, also, to have one of the golfer’s girlfriends meet with us (she is also a Christian, but does not usually attend events because of the long travel it involves).

In the days leading up to Wentworth, the words in this verse in Genesis 28 v 20 had been on my heart:

“Then Jacob made a vow – if God will be with me and will watch over me on this journey I am taking, and will give me food to eat and clothes to wear so that I can return safely to my father’s household, then the Lord will be my God.”

Jacob had his flaws and sometimes his decision-making was questionable. But we mustn’t be too quick to criticise because that can sometimes be true of us as well! Here was a juncture in his life when he saw the big picture of God’s provision, leading and sovereignty so clearly, and when that sunk in, what was his reaction?….”The Lord will be my God.”

My encouragement to the golfers and caddies was that God would continue to provide, bless and lead them on their golfing “journey”, and that they should not lose sight of His hand guiding them on that journey, even during more challenging times. We concluded that making “the Lord my God” is most definitely worth it.

It won’t always be the case, but each of those players made the cut and two of them had top-20 finishes in what is the European Tour’s flagship event.

On Thursday, I helped as usual with the equipment survey and that continues to be a really useful time to be close again with the players and caddies. Later in the day, I crossed the path of a high-profile Scottish sportsman who was attending the event as a spectator. I had met him before through BBC work and it was good to share briefly with him the Christian aspect to my role on the European Tour.

I stayed on until the end of the event to fulfil duties for BBC Scotland and there’s absolutely no doubt my role in that capacity is only beneficial for my overall role on the European Tour, in terms of building relationships.

On Monday, I flew back to Glasgow and then on Tuesday I flew out to Milan before driving to Brescia/Lake Garda for three days at the Italian Open. It is great to have this opportunity.

While I am away my wife Amy is doing a faithful job looking after our two-year old daughter Jessica, so please pray for their ongoing blessing and protection, too.

Thank you for your support and prayers, of which I really am sincerely grateful.


Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Tastylia .

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Mini Tour event at Gleneagles – 8/5/18

After a beautiful Bank Holiday weekend, it was disappointing to have an afternoon of misty rain and cool temperature of 11 degrees, but it was still nice to play the Queen’s Course at Gleneagles. No matter how many times I make the drive I’m always aware of the stature of the venue and just how vast it is. With 3 tournament courses, a Par 3 course and a golf academy, not even taking into account the numerous European Tour events and a Ryder Cup, that kind of says it all.

We all settled in the Dormie House for lunch before play and it was good to catch up with two younger guys that I had played with. They already knew my back story but there was little to mention about taking the conversations further than before.

As we moved down to the academy for some practise before play, I got to talking with a leading player about golf and the year ahead. He has been a top player on this tour over the past 10 years and is now thinking about getting a ‘real’ job as the opportunities to play are going down each year. He was not on the list of professionals I was planning to invite to the Logos Pro-Am, and as we spoke about the future I was in two minds to invite him along, but thought it best to stick to the list for now. Maybe this could change.

It was a later tee time of 3pm and I was playing with one of the two I chatted with at lunch and a player from Edinburgh. Both of these guys knew each other from Europro events, so they were chatting away quite regularly, but I did get the opportunity to speak with the Edinburgh player early on about my role and had a fairly positive reaction.

Both are not PGA professionals, so are not eligible to enter the Logos Pro-Am, but maybe in years to come we might need to have a non PGA event to allow other tour players to attend. Something to pray about going forward. There were a few other ‘bites’ throughout the round and this came in the form of how my own life has changed from my younger days which the boys could relate to better. They are just in their mid 20s so are still enjoying socialising which I know seems fun at their time in life.

We all played reasonably well despite the mixed weather and going into the back 9 all of us were under par. It’s always a really good test playing alongside quality players and keeping pace with them was really encouraging. I now feel my game is ready to challenge on the Tartan Tour which can only be positive for my work with Logos.

Heading down the last few holes it was clear that the guys were really pushing for more birdies and this is where I probably tried to protect what I had. Either way can work depending on the circumstances, but I was probably a bit over cautious and it made the difference between a top 10 and top 5 finish. Still a decent showing among a strong field of players but I know this can be improved. It’s always a good sign when your disappointed with a score in the 60s, but I could have been at least a couple of shots better.

Heading home, I began to think of my next event at Deer Park which is a venue that I normally play well at. I really pray for some good conversations at this event which will not only lead to more Professionals attending the Pro-Am, but to prompt those to ask me questions that they want to without feeling restricted.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email Tastylia Australia








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Rocco Forte Sicilian Open, 8 – 10 May 2018

The third trip of 2018 was to the Rocce Forte Sicilian Open at the Verdura Golf resort near Sciacca, on the south coast of Sicily. A combination of the sunny weather and the links set-up of the course made this a stunning venue for a European Tour event.

Many of the higher profile players chose not to put this on their schedule, preferring instead to have some rest or practice time at home as they gear up for Wentworth in a couple of weeks. Indeed, the players I had met up with on behalf of LOGOS / Christians in Sport at previous events in Madrid and Morocco opted not to travel to Sicily. However, my prayer was that God might let those circumstances mean that new relationships could be established.

On Wednesday morning, I had breakfast with a Christian caddie who had been at the previous events with a different golfer. This was a good one-to-one time to catch up on family, golf, and spiritual matters.

Throughout the couple of days there were several opportunities to briefly share about the LOGOS / Christians in Sport role with other golfers, caddies and some who work in media circles. Often, the short explanation doesn’t draw too many further questions, but it gets the cogs turning in peoples’ minds I’m sure!

I took the chance to walk round a few holes with four players on Wednesday afternoon – two of them Scots who I knew a little bit already. Given they were all just practising, it provided a lot of opportunities to chat to them about several things and all these times are so valuable in terms of relationship-building.

Not a bad view!

Thursday is always a very busy day helping with the equipment survey, but in the hour break between doing the morning starters and preparing for the afternoon starters, I met with another Christian golfer who had not played at the previous events in Morocco or Madrid. Unexpectedly, he introduced me to another golfer from Zimbabwe, and his American wife (who also caddies for him). That couple are Christians and there was much mutual encouragement from that crossing of paths.

Amongst other subjects, we reflected on the story of Zacchaeus and how although people might have written him off, he still “wanted to see who Jesus was”. Therefore we reminded each other not to assume that people on the tour are not interested in Christ, but take encouragement that sometimes the unlikeliest individual’s heart can be curious and ultimately transformed.

Overall, Sicily was a really worthwhile time and I’m heartened by the group of Christians who are emerging in this golfing world. I’m also thankful to God for answering the prayer that this event would still be meaningful, even without the players who I had met up with before.

Next week, I’m not at the event in Belgium, but the following week will be a big one at Wentworth for the PGA Championship. I’m staying on the full week for that to fulfil BBC Scotland responsibilities, too.

Thanks to all of you who are faithfully praying for me in this role, and be sure to know that, three events in, I’m already excited about how God is moving in and around the European Tour.

Bye for now, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Tastylia .




Mini Tour Event at Ladybank – 19/4

This proved a really encouraging event and came on the back off a positive encounter in the Alliance meeting at Irvine three days before.

Just before we teed off at Irvine, I bumped into another fellow professional. He was already booked to play with some other guys or he would have joined us, but we had a good chat on the putting green and after I explained about our Logos Pro-Am  event at Archerfield this year he was more than happy to come along again as one of the pros. A really good guy to have on board and I was pleased that he wants to catch up soon on a one-to-one basis over a few holes before the event which is very positive.

Three days later at Ladybank, it was so nice to wake up to blue sky and sun and the forecast was for a decent temperature of 18 degrees which meant a great day for golf. We were playing the Open qualifying course of Ladybank, which is normally used when the Open is held at St. Andrews. A great course which is very tight but normally I play well round it despite the tree-lined fairways.

After some practise and breakfast, I started my game with a Challenge Tour player and a former European Tour winner. It really is a different level playing in one of these events, but great practice for the Tartan Tour. As we made our way from the 2nd Tee I got to explain to both the guys about my personal life and my role with Logos. They had known each other previously so they chatted quite a bit regarding golf but I managed to get in there a few times and the Challenge Tour player especially asked my how fostering impacted my life and how this related to my Logos role.

It gave me quite a good platform to go into more detail about my story and this is always a good way to get the message across effectively. The former European Tour winner is more of a talker so it was interesting listening to some of the stories he had about being on tour and I think this is just an extension of his corporate work that keeps him busy, which he is very good at.

As we played in the perfect conditions for golf, the game seemed so different and a million miles away from waterproofs, tammy and cold winds. Playing in shorts sleeves just makes everything more relaxing and enjoyable and this is definitely the way golf should be played. As we reached the 11th hole we were all hovering around even par and although none of us were holing many putts we were striking it well. I made an error in shot selection at the 11th and the 16th holes which cost me a couple of shots, but apart from that I had played really well and hit probably the best shot of the round at the 18th which was a 190 yard 5 iron I had to draw round a tree which landed perfectly in the middle of the green. Despite not holing the long putt I knew then my game was in really good shape and these events have improved my confidence no end.

The Challenge Tour player was the best of us with 72 and I was only a couple of shots back but was pleased with the way I played. At lunch thee other player gave us some more stories of travelling and of some well known golfers from years gone by, but it would have been nice to share a bit more with him had he ventured there. The Challenge Tour player was definitely more open to it and I hope we can meet up again soon if his schedule allows. He is travelling around Europe over the next couple of months and I wished him well on his play while being away from home.

A really positive day all round and this always makes the drive home a little easier. Although my main aim is to make a difference, I still want to compete and I now feel I can with the new equipment. I know that through my golf I can make a difference and that more players will take notice of me the more competitive I am. I trust God will be with me all the way and pray for His guidance in months ahead for conversations both brief and extensive.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the ministry this year.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email Tastylia Australia


West Alliance v East Alliance Match – Troon Links – 12/4

Normally this event has been held at Bruntsfield Links in the East for as long as I’ve known, but this year the West were hosting and the venue was Troon Links. Of the 3 courses available we were playing morning foursomes on the Darley and then afternoon fourballs on the Lochgreen. A long day of golf but an enjoyable day none the less, despite the usual wintry conditions.

On arriving I chatted with two professionals who always play in the Alliance matches, and the topic of conversation was of course the US Masters that had just been played at the weekend. The standard of golf on that final day was incredible.  As we gave our own views of the event we were given our amateur partners for the day and I was pleased to be paired with my playing partner from last year. He calls me the ‘Holy Golfer’ but I know it is only some light-hearted banter and I’m glad that he remembered me and our chats.

We were playing against a couple of younger guys , and during the opening holes I managed to get a brief chat with one of them regarding Logos which he accepted but did not really say much to me about it after that. The other was so focused on his golf that he did not really say much at all during the 1st round. We won on the 17th hole after being 3 down at the turn.

As we walked in for lunch, my partner asked me how things were going with my role and I think he had been waiting to speak to me about this for a while. It was good to consolidate the conversations I had with him last year and also give details about the Pro-Am this year at Archerfield. He definitely seemed interested and hopefully this can be a new team for the event.

The afternoon weather did not improve and there was no real let up with the cold east wind and rain. We all struggled a bit with the conditions that afternoon and playing the second round of the day felt even more tiring, but its important to keep trying your best even if everything seems to be going against you. The boys started to play really well in the back 9 and despite our best efforts we lost our match. After a long day of golf we had won a point and lost a point and it makes you realise just how fit these players are that compete in the Ryder Cup, playing 5 rounds in 3 days. Think I’ll rule myself out for that one this year!

When we got to the last green at 6pm, everyone was ready for a sharp exit home as it was still raining and not very pleasant. This year the East were clear winners 17 – 7 and this was a reverse result from last year. A good event that is supposed to be a friendly but definitely felt more serious this year. I look forward to a return match next year at Bruntsfield Links and hopefully a proper spring day without the waterproofs. Will winter ever end??

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Pro-Am teams at Archerfield.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email Tastylia Australia