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The Evian Masters – Evian – France – September 10th -12th 2018

I travelled to Evian to represent Christians in Sport while partnering with Global Golf Ministries to do a bible study on Tuesday 11thSeptember at 4.45pm. The Ladies European Tour kindly put a notice about the bible study in the tour newsletter and so every LET competitor was aware that I was attending the event to do the bible study.

I was able to connect with many players and staff while having good discussions and building vital relationships.

Two people turned up for the bible study and we discussed the religious landscape of France and I asked the question in light of the sermon on the mount are you more of a “sweet” or “salty” person? Interesting conversation on Matthew 5:13 and we challenged one another to step out and do something different to build some new relationships with non- Christian players out on tour. We prayed for one another and for the tour and opportunities to share the gospel. Later that evening a bumped into one of the players who was going to attend the bible study and she apologised for missing it but invited me to attend a small group study with 6 players the next morning.

We had a great study looking at marriage from John Stott’s study book on the sermon on the mount. It was a great morning discussing Matthew’s gospel on divorce, oaths and covenants in regard to marriage. Everyone was honest and open about how we as Christians need to be different in this regard and be counter- cultural in how we approach our relationships with the opposite sex and marriage. Then the group prayed for one another and some of us continued the discussions for another 10 minutes. It was a really fruitful hour spent together studying God’s word and I was impressed with the groups insight and maturity.

It was an encouraging time and great to see players wanting to know more of him and study his word diligently. Next stop Spain in November.


Ladies’ Scottish and British Opens – August 2018

The Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies’ Scottish Open – Gullane Golf Club – July 25th – 27th July 2018

The first event in the UK for the 2018 season was a joint sanctioned tournament with the US LPGA & the Ladies European Tour at Gullane Golf Club. Cris Stevens, from Global Golf Ministries, joined me at Gullane as we partnered together to support the Christians on the Tour.

I was able to chat casually to players and build those relationships of trust which will enable me to continue to support the players at other co-sanctioned events in Europe when Global Golf Ministries cannot attend.

Cris had many one on one meetings with the US players to catch up and encourage them with their small group studies of the Sermon on the Mount. This study is helping them understand Jesus’s call to be salt and light and the importance of being different. They hope to show different characteristics to those around them to facilitate conversations about faith and then invite others to a fellowship meeting. Excitingly some Europeans who play in the US have shown an interest so prayer and building of these relationships is ongoing.

I was able to chat and build some old and new relationships with the European players who have shown some interest as well as sharing with others why I am out on Tour. I also connected with the staff of the Ladies European Tour and explained my presence at the event.

It was a good week and an encouraging time as relationship building is progressing to new levels which bodes well for the future.


The Ladies’ British Open – Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club – July 31st – Aug 2nd, 2018.

Cris & I travelled onwards to the Ladies British Open. The qualifying took place at St. Annes Old links with the encouraging news that many of the Christian players had qualified for the big event at Royal Lytham and St. Annes.

We organised a fellowship dinner for the Tuesday evening at Lytham and 17 people came along (7 players, 2 LPGA staff, a parent and 5 caddies attended as well as Cris & me) and I gave a talk on the Sermon on the Mount. I encouraged the players to embrace the characteristics Christ wanted his followers to be and to do in Matthew 5 v 1, 2 and 13 – 16. A tough ask and one that challenged everyone – I expressed the need on a daily basis to live out afresh our identity in Christ and encouraged everyone to compete (or in whatever you do) for His pleasure.

I prayed that we will all be fully alive in Him as we take part in sport, reflecting His love and mercy. This counter cultural message of the Sermon on the Mount is difficult, but the encouragement was to embrace His word and be changed for a higher purpose so that we can make a difference which gives us the opportunity to share the gospel message to others.

It was a fun evening and conversations continued during the week as the players have been looking at Matthew’s gospel more deeply in their small groups. They have been challenged to perhaps think of a community project to get involved with so that difference (being salt and light) is played out in real life.

Unfortunately, a few players could not attend the fellowship as they were playing in the Pro-Am which started at 2pm, so Cris and I were able to connect with others the following night. More connections and relationship building took place throughout the remaining time we were at Lytham.

I was able to talk with a member of the Ladies European Tour staff who wanted to arrange a get together with me and the players to explain the purpose of why I was attending tournaments as she felt it was a good thing and would benefit the players. I am very excited about this, although we are only in discussions at the moment. This idea needs to be approved at a higher level and be thought through.

Next up, it’s the Evian Masters in September.


Alison Nicholas


KPMG Women’s PGA Championship – JUNE 2018

KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Kemper Lakes, Chicago – 26th – 28th June 2018

Last week I was in the USA teaming up with Cris Stevens of Global Golf Ministries in a planned fellowship and Bible study time at the tournament site.

Time was spent connecting with many players, caddies and Tour staff from Europe and America which gave me the opportunity to let people know my plans to be out on Tour again this year representing Logos Golf Ministries as a fieldworker.

The fellowship and Bible study took place in the clubhouse at Kemper Lakes and 7 people attended – made up of players, tournament staff and past players. It was great to open the Bible and discuss passages from 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12, Romans 12:10 and 2 Timothy 1:6-7, encouraging and challenging each other to excel still more in love, so others can see the difference in us as we continue to strive to be more Christ like.

I had the opportunity to share my experiences at major tournaments from a spiritual and playing perspective and everyone joined in the discussion. We ended the meeting by praying together.

I look forward to my next event in Scotland where I can continue to build on the connections made in the USA, both new and old.

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Alison Nicholas


Lacoste Ladies Open de France – Golf de Chantaco – October 5th – 8th 2017

Travelling to Biarritz with Ryanair was smooth with no cancellations thank goodness but after arriving at the golf course I was told to be careful about walking around as it was very wet after three weeks of rain. The course was so wet that they had been unable to cut the fairways so it was preferred lies through the green.

My presence again initiated conversations with players, caddies and family and friends of players to why I was attending the tournament. I had lunch with a French player and her dad – it was a challenge to explain my purpose for attending the tournament in French! Luckily I used my phone translation app and showed him the Christians in Sport website, but conversation was difficult as my French is poor.

I had dinner with two other players which was fun and then one of them and I had a one on one Bible study looking at Philippians 4 v 1-9. I did invite the other player to join us but she chose to pass on the offer.

It was an encouraging time and we talked about standing firm in the Lord as it is so easy to get side tracked with pursuing all sorts of other things. Questions followed after some discussion – who is your joy and crown? Who and what have you invested in? Paul challenged us both to pursue people and God’s word in this passage.

Paul’s word of do not be anxious about anything caught our attention and provoked the question – is worry a sin?  When we worry are we saying that God cannot take care of us? Are our problems bigger than his promises? No, we should choose to pray instead of being anxious and concentrate on verse 8 through 9 – “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things”.

We prayed about what we had learnt in the study, the tour and each other that we would be doers and not just hearers of the word plus that others on tour would be drawn to the Christian faith. I gave her some material to read from Ken Boa about our identity in Christ. I am following up with her via Skype before she competes at the 2nd stage of LPGA qualifying school.

Cris Stevens will also catch up with both her and another Christian player at the LPGA Tour School from 19th -22nd October.

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Alison Nicholas



The Andalucia Costa Del Sol Open De Espana Femenino – Real Club de Golf Guadalmina – 21st – 24th September 2017

This week I travelled to Spain representing Logos Golf Ministries to support the Christians on the Ladies European Tour.

Time was spent connecting with players, caddies, tour staff, families and friends of players. Many conversations were started on the grounds of why I was at the tournament, which gave me the opportunity to explain my presence on the tour– interesting conversations followed about faith and belief in God after my role was explained.

A parent of a player who I had played with in May in a golf event came and spoke to me as he was caddying for his other daughter in Spain. He had a heavy heart as the daughter who I had played with had been involved in a car crash and suffered a stroke. She is only 19 years old and a very good golfer. He showed me all the photos of her in hospital learning to walk again and I was there just to listen and share his grief.

He asked me why I was in Spain so I explained and asked if it was ok that I prayed for and he said please do. I also offered to go and visit her but he had to go to the tee quickly so we could not exchange contact details.

I was able to connect with two Christian players and we had a Bible study on the Friday evening together. We studied from a book called The Life of Jesus focusing on the chapter called “the story that can change your life.” We looked at the four gospels but particularly at John 20:30-31 and the verses that begin ”these things are written so that you can believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, then by believing, you can have life through his name”.

It was an encouraging time of fellowship as we prayed for each other to be bold in sharing our faith to those on tour. We prayed that others would be interested in coming to the Bible studies and that God would go before us in raising others up for Christ. We also prayed for one of the player’s families as none of them believe in God but have been to church with her in America.

It was a really encouraging time as both players are strong believers. One is a fairly new believer who is particularly on fire for God. I encouraged them to keep praying for the tour and for us all to stand firm in our faith going forward.

I had some more time watching them both play and encouraging them with their golf and faith. I got the opportunity to sit down with the other Christian player and have some one on one time with her.  I prayed with her and gave her some scriptures to meditate on to assist her in understanding fully her identity in Christ rather than having her identity in her sports performance.

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Alison Nicholas


The Ladies British Open – Kingsbarns July 31st – 3rd August

Having made my LOGOS Golf Ministries debut at Dundonald Links in Irvine for the Ladies’ Scottish Open, I travelled onwards to Kingsbarns. This was the venue for the British Open – a major week on the other side of Scotland.

I visited Monday qualifying at the Castle Course where tension was high. For those who hadn’t qualified automatically, there were only 20 spots available from a field of 100 or so players to play in the British Open.

Cris Stevens (Global Golf Ministries) and I were able to support and chat with several Christians at the Castle with encouraging news at the end of the day that they had qualified for the big event at Kingsbarns.

Fellowship took place on Tuesday evening and three players and an agent of a player attended. The discussion revolved around sharing our faith with others and the challenge to take opportunities when they arose. The players expressed the challenges of tour life and the difficulty in competing well all the time. Everyone was encouraged to focus on our divine purpose as Christians so that the joy and beauty of knowing Christ can be received and shared as he intended.

We prayed for one another and encouraged each other to continue praying in the coming weeks for all that was shared.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 – “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” – this scripture was the challenge for us to focus on.

Next up is the Solheim Cup in the USA – where a Sunday service will take place on August 20th for all the staff, spectators and competitors.

Alison Nicholas


The Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Ladies Open – Dundonald Links Irvine – July 27th – 30th

This week was the start of my new role with LOGOS Golf Ministries as its representative on the Ladies European Tour. The first event in the UK this season was a joint sanctioned event with US LPGA Tour on the west coast of Scotland. Cris Stevens from Global Golf Ministries and Jules Wilkinson from Christians in Sport joined me to assist me and support the Christians on the tour.

Time was spent connecting with many players, caddies and tour staff, which gave me the opportunity to explain my presence on tour and my role with LOGOS Golf Ministries.

The weather was rather inclement which delayed the tee times by 25 minutes, resulting in fewer players attending the planned fellowship/bible study meal. Several players and a caddie attended the evening and Jules and I had the opportunity to share our roles and points for prayer going forward. 

It was a really encouraging time and the players shared their small group bible study experiences. It was exciting to hear their passion to want to grow in Christ and how their walk with Christ is so much more important than golf. We then prayed for each other.

Alison Nicholas