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Archerfield golf club

Challenge Tour – Galgorm Castle Ballymena Northern Ireland Open July 26 – 29, 2016

In the past I haven’t been around for the Galgorm event [takes place across the road from where I live] due to European Tour (ET) events clashing, but with no tournament on the main tour I was able to go back and forth over the week to Galgorm ….. You’ll recall the SA caddie who got saved last November and me telling you he was to be on the ET with his player Francesco la Porta, well as is all to common, they split up in early March and he has been on the Challenge tour with SAs Michael Palmer, a young man who came through the US College system, so it was good too meet up with the caddy and have a one – to – one for an hour … Also the couple (met frequently last year) are on this tour for the season due to the player not retaining his card last year and his wife is caddying for him, so it was good to see them also …

European Tour – Paul Lawrie Match-Play Archerfield North Berwick August 4 – 5, 2016

This is the second year of the 64-man match-play, and is an extremely quiet event with only a third of the usual weekly number taking part with half of them going home after round one!!

It’s one of those weeks when simply being there and the familiarity that brings on a week to week basis comes to the fore, as ones purpose unfolds with an eye to the future, so it was good to have a few prolonged chats, about nothing in particular, with several players/caddies as there was a bit more time for them to dwell …. So that is all stored away for upcoming contacts …

With an eye to the next event in Prague [Czech Open] currently there are three of the Christian players; Jake Roos, Dean Burmeister and JBe Kruger in the field as well as other caddies being there, plus Nick [courtesy car man] and Mark also … So appreciate your prayers for that and my seeking to arrange a get together …

“Commit to the LORD everything you do. Then your plans will succeed.
The LORD works everything out for his own purposes ..” Proverbs 16:3-4a

Ken Revie Logos Golf Ministries
Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour

Ken Revie Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour
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Montecchia Open by Lyoness – Challenge Tour

Montecchia Open by Lyoness – Challenge Tour

Logos on the Challenge Tour

There was a song a few years ago which contained the lines “why does it always rain on me, is it because I lied when I was 17”! I guess the sentiment being that bad things happen for a reason, normally bad behaviour. We know that actually our God is sovereign and gracious to His people. A forgiving God who loves us in Christ.

Last week was my third visit to Italy on the Challenge tour. Once again the rain in Italy fell mainly on the golf course and me! Due to monsoon conditions the tournament became only 54 holes as a flooded course meant then there was no play possible on the opening day. The irony being that all morning and early afternoon it was hot and sunny. The organisers were hoping to finally tee off at 3.30pm and then guess what happened – thunder, lightening and a huge amount of rain!

Players and caddies alike were busy practicing whenever they could and whilst there were no direct gospel conversations, contact was made with a number of players and caddies. I normally try and find the British players, especially Welsh, and so it was good to finally meet Oliver Farr who is playing on the tour this year.

Please pray for on-going contacts and also that there would be more tournaments being hosted on mainland Europe.
Additionally in the light of recent terrorist activities please pray for travelling mercies for Ken and all the other Chaplains as we seek to serve the Lord. I missed my flight home on Friday and was reminded that we under the Lord’s protection and guidance.

Thank you for your prayers,

David Lewis, LOGOS Chaplain to the Challenge Tour
David Lewis
Challenge Tour

David Lewis, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the Challenge Tour

Challenge Tour at Spey at Aviemore

Scottish Hydro Challenge – Challenge Tour

Aviemore is beautifully set in the Caringorns, Scotland.  A Ski resort challenge tour spey valley aviemore in the winter and a climbing, cycling, adventure and golf centre in the Summer!  The tournament takes place at a Macdonald golf resort which this year had a brand new £1m clubhouse to help look after the player’s needs.  I’m not sure that there is a more beautiful setting for a golf course in Britain, with the rolling mountains in the background still having a small covering of snow!!challenge tour spey valley aviemore-1

Jake Roos was playing in this event, and Mr Consistent, did well again finishing in 25th position.  Jake and I had arranged to meet up during the tournament.  Due to a few technical difficulties this proved extremely difficult and meant a few ‘catch up’ moments rather than a proper meeting.  I am encouraged that Jake is very keen to meet up and we have arranged to do this in future tournaments.  As I write this (a week late!) Jake has just won his second event of the year.  He is currently ranked 4th in the year and if he wins again this season will automatically move up to the Main Tour.  Please continue to pray for Jake.

I also met with Rhys Enoch again in Scotland.  Rhys is Welsh, via Cornwell and was in Scotland as first reserve.  He did not play in the tournament, but it was good to continue to get to know another player on the tour.

Please pray for more divinely arranged encounters like this

My next trip d.v. will be to France in a few weeks time.

Thank you for your prayers,

David Lewis, Logos Golf Ministries, Chaplain to the PGA European Challenge Tour

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