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Logos on Tour at St Andrews

Dunhill Links Championship – St Andrews Sept 30 – Oct 02

Nick Faldo
Nick Faldo at the second Old Course St Andrews

Well, we had both our Logos meetings over these two weeks in Scotland, and I’m pleased to say they went really well

Wednesday 24 Sept – Logos Scotland at Easterhouse Glasgow

This was our launch meeting of “Logos Scotland” and as with all things we are dreaming big and starting small … Seventeen good folks turned up and we had a Ryder Cup themed evening hosted by PGA pro Vincent Brown, we also had a putting competition which was won by the only lady taking part, but we won’t mention that … Things look promising for the future ministry there both among the pros and amateurs with five eager people all ready to organise a variety of activities in the golf world …

Wednesday 01 October – Question & Answer night at the New Golf Club St Andrews

St Andrews Old Course
Logos on Tour at the Dunhill Championship St Andrews

The organisation of this was done through our Logos supporters in St Andrews and we had an excellent venue, hospitality and welcome …. Around 45 turned up and the panel was made of Hennie Otto, Mike Vlismas [SA media man] and myself, our good Logos friend Lindsay Glasgow chaired the panel [that means he kept us all in check] … We had a golfing Q&A to start as many there were keen to hear what goes on in the inner sanctums of big golf events and of course this led to the Christian testimony of us all … We had several people who “turned up” on the night and were unaware of just what they were getting into, always good when you know that God will bring people to something that they didn’t know they were going to be at!!! We had a number of non-believers and one atheist who introduced himself at the end by saying, he had no intention of being there, but he was, and found it all “very interesting.”

So a good couple of weeks, and the prospect of more to follow …

Next Week; the final European based event of the Tour, in Portugal … Always a popular week and normally plenty sunshine ….

Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour


“ .. They went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.  Mark 16:20


Irish Open Fota Island GC Cork June 17 – 19

Irish open logos on tour Irish openBible Bookshops – Belligerent Buggies – Bad Backs and Ballymena’s Best

Baking sunshine for the week came as a pleasant and welcome surprise when the Tour reached the British Isles … 28 Degrees on Wednesday!!!!

Bible Bookshops

I received a text message from Hennie [Otto] when on the way to Cork looking for a bold print NIV bible for one of the caddies,  … I had an interesting time seeking out a Christian bookshop in Cork and duly found a small second hand one that was owned by a Believing gentleman, Billy O’Mahoney who was in the priesthood before hearing of being born-again and finding Jesus as his personal saviour.  It was good too meet him and he was equally delighted too find out that there was a presence on the Tour …. Pray for Dean that he will read the word and find Jesus …

Belligerent Buggies

Jake Roos got a very late entry and we met up … Jake always reminds me of the verse “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. “ [Matt 5:6] which describes him … I had noticed he’d had a really poor event in St Omer the previous week, +12 then withdrawing and he told me the story … On the Challenge Tour you are not compelled to have a caddie and Jake was going down one of the many hills on the course with his three wheeled buggy and thought he’d just let it run down to the bottom of the hill, well the front wheel was out of alignment and the buggy headed toward the lake followed by a galloping Jake, who didn’t catch it and into deep water it went … clubs ruined, phone destroyed, Jake soaked in the rescue .. He didn’t see the funny side, but everyone else did …

Bad Backs

Hennie returned after three weeks out with a bad back, played round one and had a one under 70, then had to withdraw before the second round, back troubles again and has since gone home to SA for further treatment …. He is very happy and thankful for all to pray for healing, so I’d ask you to do this ….

Ballymena’s Best

Our own Dermot McElroy was playing his fourth Irish Open and it looks as if he shall be leaving the amateur ranks at the end of the year … Good too meet up with him and his family during the week … He didn’t make the cut, mind you neither did the other McIlroy ….

Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour

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