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Alliance at Falkirk Tryst – 8/3/17

Alliance at Falkirk Tryst – 8/3/17

Logos on Tour at Falkirk Tryst

Falkirk is always a handy venue for me as it’s only 10 minutes along the motorway and normally I enjoy the layout as it is one of the flattest courses in the country, but today was very different due to severe weather that almost made the course unplayable.

After a few switch arounds with the pairings I was finally paired with Malcolm from Bishopbriggs.and we started at around 9.30am which was about 30 minutes behind schedule. Falkirk is normally a very dry course due to its sandy turf but I was very surprised at how wet the ground was under foot, even with the deluge of the previous night. As we stood on the first hole I was able to share with Malcolm of my attachment to Logos but he didn’t really say anything about it and nothing else was mentioned for the entire round. He either didn’t get the concept or had no inclination to speak about it any further which is fine, but that does not happen very often in my travels. The wind really started to get up early on and then there were some squalls on and off all the way which made life very frustrating, almost impossible to get into any rhythm.

There is nothing worse than dropping one shot after another in really bad weather as this really depresses you when you can’t see any way out or any chance of things improving. It’s almost like a ‘golfers depression’ and compounded when there is not much conversation because you really feel isolated out there. The only thing for it was to keep going and finish as best as I could. I was quite a few over par for the day and the worst part of it was at the end when Malcolm asked me what my handicap was. As I said before I thought he didn’t get what I was talking about at the start and I was right, even the part about me being a pro! (I definitely didn’t hit the ball that badly despite the conditions).

Now for the silver lining. I came across one of my fellow professionals and friend Craig Matheson, who works in the shop at Falkirk. We chatted briefly but Craig mentioned that he had seen the Logos Pro-Am on the PGA calendar and was impressed we had got something in place so soon I think. He said “That will be good exposure for you guys” to which I replied this could be the first of many events on the circuit eventually leading to a series of events each year. Any time I have chatted to Craig he has always been quite supportive of what I was doing and I feel he would be a good Professional to have at the event in September. Every cloud …

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and many thanks for your continued prayers for the future.
In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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