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After a little mystery tour of the Scottish Borders, I finally found West Linton Golf Club which I had never played but only heard about. I was slightly apprehensive of playing the course ‘blind’ but it was not practical to get a practice round over the past few weeks and I just had to get on with it.

I was playing my first round with Robert and Jordan. I always like it when the club starter asks about Logos as they need to announce this on the tee and normally the first thing is to get the pronunciation right. This always leads to a question that gives me a chance to explain and the 1st tee is as good a place as any. I even got to talk a bit about the Pro-am and he asked me how much it was for a team so possibly another booking to add to the growing list.

We all got off to a good start and it was a very comfortable group. Jordan was asking me about my conversations over the past years and had mentioned that his dad read some of my reports. He asked me about sharing my faith and I explained that I am more than happy talking about it but it has to be in the right way and unless someone asks me about it I won’t force it as we have to be very careful these days not to say the wrong thing, especially with the PGA. He seemed very interested in the ministry and I was happy to offer him a spot as one of the professionals to come along to Archerfield. Robert didn’t ask too much more about the ministry but I know after the Pro-Am this will change for a few of the guys.

We all got pretty wet due to some strong winds and showers but over the whole managed to get it round in a fairly respectable score despite the conditions. I hate 3 putting any green and to do it on the last 2 holes for 73 was disappointing despite the birdie putts being extremely difficult. Some positives to take home and a target of beating my first round score for day 2.

I was paired with Stuart and Michael for my second round and although I had never met Stuart before, Michael and I knew each other from last year. Michael has never really asked much about the ministry and there was not much change this time either, however Stuart commented during the front 9 that I would have to explain Logos to him as he had never heard of it before. A really good chat which linked in with the Pro-Am and he seemed interested that we had grown our event since last year. I explained we would like to have a few events over the country to which he said he tried to get a couple of events going where he is up north and its becoming harder all the time. A possible opportunity up North which would link in with the vision of East, West and North Events? Praying on. Something amusing to share was when Stuart hit his tee shot on the last and the ball ended up on the other side of the green after a very good shot into the heart of the green. His comment was, ‘Jesus Christ’ and then he turned to me and said, ‘Oh I’m sorry, didn’t mean to offend you’. I wasn’t offended but appreciated the thought.

Despite staying a bit drier today the conditions were still wet and windy and it felt more difficult to score. I was hoping for at least a 70 or 71 but had to settle for another 73, this time though holing a 5 footer to prevent another 3 putt at the last. It is such a sloping tricky green for those who don’t know it.

I suppose a fair result from West Linton but will work on my lower body movement over the next couple of weeks as I felt a bit static towards the end of the second round with it. There is always something to work on. Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Logos Pro-Am at Archerfield.

In his Service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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The trip to Prague provided much encouragement during a few days at the European Tour’s Czech Masters event. It took place at the Albatross Golf Resort about 20 minutes in the car from the city centre. A very dry, parkland course sprinkled with some fetching man-made water hazards.

Being one of the more routine, smaller events on the schedule, the set-up at the Czech Masters was compact compared to The Open or Wentworth, for example, yet this can often have its benefits when it comes to access and a relaxed atmosphere.

Soon after landing in Prague on the Tuesday night, I met with a Christian golfer and his wife/caddie for dinner. He normally plays on the Asian Tour, so it had been a few months since I’d had the chance to see them, even though we are in contact through messaging quite regularly. It was a great couple of hours of fellowship over a meal. They are so sincere about their faith and it’s encouraging to see the way God is clearly part of their journey together.

Four players, a caddie, a coach and a player’s fiancé joined me at lunchtime on Wednesday for a Bible study at the golf course. It was warm enough for the eight of us to sit outside over coffee and read Luke 5 v 1-11 together, then reflect and discuss on what we could learn from that first encounter between Simon (Peter) and Jesus. One of the many things we talked about was how in golfing or evangelistic terms, there might over be times when we feel the work put in is not yielding the results we crave, yet Jesus asks us to “let down the nets again”! He’s right; we should!

The coach who joined us is a mature, committed American Christian who normally frequents the PGA Tour in the USA. He was a great encouragement to us all in various ways.

On Wednesday evening, God worked in a way only He can. Circumstances unfolded in an unexpected manner, resulting in me sharing a car journey back to the city centre with a European Tour golfer who I had never previously had the chance to properly talk to. He was interested in my role and by the end of the conversation he himself asked if he can join us when I meet with the other Christian players in a couple of weeks time at the KLM Open in the Netherlands. It’s not exactly clear where he stands in terms of his faith, but this is so encouraging. He is such a pleasant guy to talk to, so please pray his interest in discovering more remains until then.

Over and above those main highlights described, please be heartened to know that there are several more interactions with people – some just very brief ones – that I trust help establish and build relationships on the European Tour.

I have two weeks of family/church/work commitments back in Glasgow now before a double-header at the KLM Open and the Portugal Masters in September.

Please let me express my genuine thanks again for your support.

Bye for now, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription.


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The Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies’ Scottish Open – Gullane Golf Club – July 25th – 27th July 2018

The first event in the UK for the 2018 season was a joint sanctioned tournament with the US LPGA & the Ladies European Tour at Gullane Golf Club. Cris Stevens, from Global Golf Ministries, joined me at Gullane as we partnered together to support the Christians on the Tour.

I was able to chat casually to players and build those relationships of trust which will enable me to continue to support the players at other co-sanctioned events in Europe when Global Golf Ministries cannot attend.

Cris had many one on one meetings with the US players to catch up and encourage them with their small group studies of the Sermon on the Mount. This study is helping them understand Jesus’s call to be salt and light and the importance of being different. They hope to show different characteristics to those around them to facilitate conversations about faith and then invite others to a fellowship meeting. Excitingly some Europeans who play in the US have shown an interest so prayer and building of these relationships is ongoing.

I was able to chat and build some old and new relationships with the European players who have shown some interest as well as sharing with others why I am out on Tour. I also connected with the staff of the Ladies European Tour and explained my presence at the event.

It was a good week and an encouraging time as relationship building is progressing to new levels which bodes well for the future.


The Ladies’ British Open – Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club – July 31st – Aug 2nd, 2018.

Cris & I travelled onwards to the Ladies British Open. The qualifying took place at St. Annes Old links with the encouraging news that many of the Christian players had qualified for the big event at Royal Lytham and St. Annes.

We organised a fellowship dinner for the Tuesday evening at Lytham and 17 people came along (7 players, 2 LPGA staff, a parent and 5 caddies attended as well as Cris & me) and I gave a talk on the Sermon on the Mount. I encouraged the players to embrace the characteristics Christ wanted his followers to be and to do in Matthew 5 v 1, 2 and 13 – 16. A tough ask and one that challenged everyone – I expressed the need on a daily basis to live out afresh our identity in Christ and encouraged everyone to compete (or in whatever you do) for His pleasure.

I prayed that we will all be fully alive in Him as we take part in sport, reflecting His love and mercy. This counter cultural message of the Sermon on the Mount is difficult, but the encouragement was to embrace His word and be changed for a higher purpose so that we can make a difference which gives us the opportunity to share the gospel message to others.

It was a fun evening and conversations continued during the week as the players have been looking at Matthew’s gospel more deeply in their small groups. They have been challenged to perhaps think of a community project to get involved with so that difference (being salt and light) is played out in real life.

Unfortunately, a few players could not attend the fellowship as they were playing in the Pro-Am which started at 2pm, so Cris and I were able to connect with others the following night. More connections and relationship building took place throughout the remaining time we were at Lytham.

I was able to talk with a member of the Ladies European Tour staff who wanted to arrange a get together with me and the players to explain the purpose of why I was attending tournaments as she felt it was a good thing and would benefit the players. I am very excited about this, although we are only in discussions at the moment. This idea needs to be approved at a higher level and be thought through.

Next up, it’s the Evian Masters in September.


Alison Nicholas


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Deer Park Masters – 31/7 & 1/8

This is one of the better events of the year due to the location and the hospitality that’s put on over the two days. It’s almost worth qualifying just for the food and always a pleasure to return to Deer Park for this order of merit event.

Our team of four started at the 17th hole which is not too far from the clubhouse and it was a pleasant surprise to see one of them who used to be a member of Westerwood many years ago.

We got off to a good start right away and I did manage to briefly chat to one of the players regarding my role and the Logos Pro-Am before and after teeing off. I still felt my movement was not where it should have been after my last outing here but I was getting away with it and the guys were good to play with due to the relaxed nature of the group.

After a few 3 putts I managed to keep things going till the back 9 but definitely not feeling 100%. The team were doing great and Ian especially pulled off some great shots in the middle of the round to set us up for a good finish. Two of the other players chatted to me more regarding my role as foster carer but I’m always happy to share anything about my life for those willing to listen.

Over the last few holes I could sense the guys were flagging so gave them all a target for 3 birdies for the last 3 holes. This gave us a bit of a lift and everyone gave it one last charge which resulted in exactly that. A true team performance and a score that would not be beaten that morning. We finished winners and that allowed us to enjoy lunch even more and also gave a special mention for Logos at the prizegiving!

As we sat there chatting about the day, I was pleased to have helped the guys to a winning score and especially surprised by one of them sending me an email that night saying how much he enjoyed the day and also my Logos reports! Great to hear.

I had mentioned to my wife the next morning that I was still not feeling right and it wasn’t just the movement I was talking about. I wasn’t sure if I was coming down with something but you probably know the feeling that you cant quite put your finger on it, just something a bit off.

Nevertheless, I made my way to the course for day two and as I was sitting just about halfway in the field I thought a good round could maybe get me a top 10 finish. Hitting balls felt ok and putting felt ok but I knew in my mind the focus was slightly off.

I sat with a few of my fellow pros for lunch and we spoke about Jarrod Lyle’s cancer situation which is not going to end well. I gave the opinion that at least his family would get the chance to say goodbye to him and I got some funny looks with one guy saying “You’re supposed to make people feel better Vin”. I was trying to convey that loss sometimes can be worse if it’s sudden and at least the family can prepare. Not sure they all agreed.

As I met my team at the 14th tee I got the chance to share with them about my work, but in mid conversation one of them stopped me a said, ‘Oh we don’t need the full story’. This really bothered me as I’ve always been quite respectful if someone is talking but I quickly finished what I was saying and we started.

Quite early on I was struggling a bit and no matter what I tried it just wasn’t working. I was still striking the ball ok but it was offline enough to be a problem. One of the players chatted to me a bit regarding his experience of adopting a child and how he found the experience very drawn out. He was almost at the stage of giving up on it but then they got their newborn after nearly two years. So often we are ready to give up on what life throws at us but just another example to keeping going to achieve the goal.

I kept going myself during the second round despite not feeling great and now my neck movement began to become very stiff. I kept going for the guys in the team and now half way through the back 9 the rain started coming down which just summed up the day. On the last hole I hit my drive over the trees on the right but thought there would have been plenty of room to play from. As I got down there I realised my ball must have caught the top of the trees and went out of bounds. As the rain became stronger I made the decision not to go back to hit another as this was the last hole and I was about 10-over for the round so not going to make any difference to the outcome. A bit of a contrast from the previous day, but just life in general at its best.

After a good showing at the event last year, I was very disappointed but nothing much you can do when you’re not firing on all cylinders. The strange thing about it was I went out the next day and hit the ball great in practise with no adverse affects. No point in dwelling on the past and I now look to the next event which I will do everything I can to get back on track.

Please pray for the future of the ministry and for those mentioned in this report,

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email buy Tastyliaonline no prescription



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Scottish Open and The Open – July 2018

What a fortnight in Scotland! It’s been a privilege to have been involved for the full duration of both the Scottish Open and The Open – the first time I’ve worked at both of those events in the same year. They were staged at two links courses – Gullane and Carnoustie – totally deserving of top level golf, with the sun shining almost continuously throughout adding to everyone’s enjoyment.

Let’s start with the Scottish Open in Gullane, East Lothian – a region of Scotland known for its amazing golf courses. With this being a lucrative Rolex event and also a handy warm-up opportunity for The Open, there was a formidable field. Masters champion Patrick Reed played, as did the likes of Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler, who had won at Gullane in 2015.

On the Wednesday before the Scottish Open, seven of us met for Bible study at a table in the sun outside the players’ lounge. Present were three players, a caddie, a coach, me and Ken Revie – the man who faithfully served in the LOGOS chaplaincy role before me. As I said to Ken, the amount of people who came to him as he walked along the practice range that day was testament to how good a job he had done establishing real relationships with those on the European Tour.

Scottish Open at Gullane

The seven of us read and reflected together on Exodus 3; the story of Moses being called by God from the burning bush. We reminded each other to be listening out for God’s voice and call, to have the confidence and faith to accept the calling and not to underestimate the power of the God who leads us into and through the calling. Afterwards we prayed together and it was heartening to do that as the busy-ness of the Scottish Open build-up went on around us.

One of the other highlights of the Scottish Open week was spending some time with one of the staff on the European Tour. He is extremely interested and supportive of the work and I’m so encouraged by that as we move forward.

The Open at Carnoustie was equally meaningful in some of the same ways and in some different ways. As many of you will know, The Open championship is referred to as ‘the one true test’ and arguably the best major of them all. All the big names were in the field, including a certain Mr Woods!

The Open at Carnoustie

The magnitude of the event means that everyone seems busier and more focused than at other regular events, yet it was great that five of us were still able to put all that to one side for 45 minutes on the Wednesday. Only one of the players we normally meet with had managed to qualify for the Open; so he joined us, as did a caddie, a coach, and a member of the European Tour logistics team.

‘Be part of forever’ had been the 2018 Open’s catchphrase on their advertising, so I thought it was an appropriate chance for us to be reminded how, as Christians, we really can go into every day knowing we can ‘be part of forever’ through the eternal life promised to us through Jesus Christ. Again, we finished our meeting with a time of prayer and also a parting encouragement for us all to ‘Be still and know that I am God’ amidst a whirlwind week.

During the week of The Open there were other good opportunities to let some other Seniors Tour players know about the work on the European Tour. They are very open about their faith and were pleased to hear what goes on. I also had good chats with a Christian PGA Tour player from the USA, and a Christian caddie for another PGA Tour player.

At both the Scottish Open and The Open, I stayed on for the full events to fulfil BBC Scotland duties, and I was encouraged further about how the two roles continue to compliment each other.

I’m currently on holiday with family but look forward to resuming the Christians in Sport/LOGOS work at the Czech Masters near Prague towards the end of August.

Thanks for your support and prayers over this busy July!


Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription.

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Deer Park Masters Qualifying – 10/7

Having already played Deer Park this year in what was very tricky conditions, it was nice to go back to the course that seemed more familiar to me this week. A change in the weather brought some welcome cloud coverage and as usual the course was in very good condition.

I was pleased to play with a good friend. Due to a call off in our group it was only the two of us along with his caddy, He already knows the background to Logos and as we got going I chatted about the Pro-Am for this year and how we still had a few team spaces left but were making good progress.

He is more than happy to come along again and I was asking his opinion on who else to invite including some lady professionals. We were both agreed that I should try and get at least two along with teams attending due to Alison Nicholas being present, so he gave me a few names to think about which helps the process.

I knew early on in this round that my swing was not as comfortable as usual and had to make a decision to play smart golf rather than pretty golf. The task was to get it round and not take on anything that could cost me the chance of qualifying. The difference in playing a round like this is you have to putt well and that was something I had been struggling with recently.

After holing a 20-footer on the 3rd and then a difficult 6-foot par putt on the 4th, I knew my putting was in decent shape and I felt comfortable with it for the first time in a while. After working hard to get the toe of the putter more flush to the ground, it was finally paying off. Looking forward to when the swing comes back again and then its open season.

I managed to give the caddy a quick rundown of my life and work which got some funny looks but in there was a hint of respect which was something I suppose. He commented on how well I was getting it round and I explained I felt I was having to force it due to not swinging well. I could feel my neck becoming quite painful and this was a result of not being able to release the club properly and over compensating. I was not going to give up on this round though as I knew I could do it despite the developing injury.

I have mentioned recently having great peace of mind on the course and this situation was no different. I could’ve focused on the negatives and had a good old whinge to God that this was not fair, but sometimes we just need to play the hand we have as best we can, and one outcome is for sure – God is always there with us despite the situation or the outcome.

My playing partner struggled towards the end with the driver and this cost him the chance of qualifying with a ball out of bounds at the 15th. I was just focused on keeping the ball in play and played through the pain to post 2 over and a very satisfying finish to the round despite 3 putting the last for bogey. Job done and looking forward to the event at the end of the month. We both agreed to catch up again and I will definitely see him over the summer.

Please pray for those mentioned and for the ministry in the year ahead.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email buy Tastyliaonline no prescription





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ASI Scottish Open Qualifying (Longniddry)  – 7/7-8/7

With the Scottish Open returning to Gullane this year, qualifying was at Longniddry Golf Club just a few miles along the road. Having never played the course before I went for a practice round on the Friday and was pleasantly surprised.

I was due to play on my own for the practise round but after I hit my opening shot I was joined by a player who I had never seen before and he was also on his own. He introduced himself and we strolled down the 1st hole giving me a great opportunity to tell him all about myself, Logos and the Pro-Am this year.

He currently plays on the Challenge Tour and it was good to play a practice round with such a good player and even better to get to know him a bit. We had plenty to chat about and I gave him my card so that he could get in contact when back in town. I look forward to our next meeting.

A really pleasant round in beautiful sunshine gave me a good feel for the course.  On the first round of the event I was paired with two guys I have come across before at points and knew this was going to be a quiet round. For the front 9 there was very little conversation at all. There was the odd small talk about the World Cup but I knew the guys were not interested in my work and thought it best to leave it there.

I’ve not played in many games where so little has been said but this had to be the one that sticks out for me and nothing much you can do but play your game and be as courteous as possible. A poor finish to the round left me 8 shots off the lead, but there was still a chance of moving up the field with a good second round. The putting stroke is getting better but still too many 3 putts to make a challenge. I bumped into a friend at the clubhouse and he gave me a couple of pointers that backed up what I had been practising, but I’m still finding it difficult to consistently make the right stroke. It’ll get there.

The second day was very refreshing as I was playing with two young lads. Normally younger guys don’t really say that much during a round but right from the start they both asked about my attachment and for about 6 holes I was talking to each of them on and off about my life, faith and golf.

It’s great to have these moments on the course and especially when the boys appeared genuinely interested. One of them struggled a bit on the back 9 but the other and I played fairly solid and each of us bettered our scores from day one.

During this event I also bumped into a pro and fellow believer. We hadn’t seen each other for a while but it was good to invite him along to the Archerfield Pro-Am and, all things going well, he’ll be there. It was great that he enjoyed my reports over the season and it means a lot to have his support in all aspects.

Please pray for the ministry and the Logos Pro-Am this year.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email buy Tastyliaonline no prescription



KPMG Women’s PGA Championship – JUNE 2018

KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Kemper Lakes, Chicago – 26th – 28th June 2018

Last week I was in the USA teaming up with Cris Stevens of Global Golf Ministries in a planned fellowship and Bible study time at the tournament site.

Time was spent connecting with many players, caddies and Tour staff from Europe and America which gave me the opportunity to let people know my plans to be out on Tour again this year representing Logos Golf Ministries as a fieldworker.

The fellowship and Bible study took place in the clubhouse at Kemper Lakes and 7 people attended – made up of players, tournament staff and past players. It was great to open the Bible and discuss passages from 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12, Romans 12:10 and 2 Timothy 1:6-7, encouraging and challenging each other to excel still more in love, so others can see the difference in us as we continue to strive to be more Christ like.

I had the opportunity to share my experiences at major tournaments from a spiritual and playing perspective and everyone joined in the discussion. We ended the meeting by praying together.

I look forward to my next event in Scotland where I can continue to build on the connections made in the USA, both new and old.

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Alison Nicholas


Open de France, Paris – 27-29 June 2018

Hype surrounded this year’s Open de France because the course upon which it is played – Le Golf National – is the venue for the 2018 Ryder Cup in September. Several big-name players were in the field with the added objective in mind of getting a proper peak at the course in advance of the iconic event in September.

World number two Justin Thomas (USA) was there, as were Jon Rahm (Spain), Graeme McDowell (NIR), Thomas Bjorn (Den), Ian Poulter (Eng) and Sergio Garcia (Spain). Le Golf National is a beautiful course, but a tough one, and the 25mph wind on a scorching Thursday made scoring difficult. Only 14 players in a field of 150+ finished in red numbers after the first round. The rough was unforgiving and it will be interesting to see if it is cut back slightly for the Ryder Cup.

On Wednesday, four of us – two players, a European Tour support staff member and I – had an encouraging hour studying Matthew chapter 8 and praying together. The phrase leading our time was ‘faith and following’, delving into the chapter and looking at the different stories in which varying levels of ‘faith and following’ manifested themselves.

There was the leper (v 1-4), the centurion (v 5-13), the teacher (v 18-22) and the disciples (v 23-27). Working our way through each of those four short accounts, we noted and reflected on examples of amazing faith, wavering faith, dedicated following of Jesus, or following that was outmuscled by other priorities. Laced through all that were constant reminders of the power, consistency, hope and reliability there is in Jesus Christ.

The notes from this study were circulated to five more people not present at the Open de France; two players and two caddies competing in the Asian Tour event in Thailand, and a golf coach often present on the European Tour.

On Thursday, during duties with the equipment survey, there was an unexpected conversation with a caddie. His response to hearing that I was involved in a Christian role was that some of his grown-up children find church meaningful back in the UK, therefore he has a healthy respect for the Christian faith.

Later on Thursday evening, I had a chance to catch up with a player-caddie partnership who I’ve regularly met with and got to know quite well. This was a shorter get-together, but an equally valuable one, particularly from the perspective of offering encouragement when it was needed.

So, all in, a lot squeezed into a couple of days and God blessed us in many ways. Through study, through fellowship, through unexpected conversations, through success in tasks needing completed and through safety in travel. I am thankful to Him for all of that. He definitely ‘goes before’ us.

A sincere thanks again to those who pray and support this role on the European Tour, which is continuing to be such a worthwhile one.

Amy, Jessica and I are having a week’s holiday in Scotland now, before a busy fortnight at the Scottish Open and The Open. At both I will stay on for the full week for BBC Scotland duties.

Bye for now, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription.