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Alfred Dunhill | South Africa | Nov 28 to Dec 05, 2016

Alfred Dunhill, Leopard Creek – Malalane – South Africa
Nov 28 to Dec 05, 2016


This is my final event of 2016, although the opening one for the 2017 season .. The Tour ends one week then starts anew the next, they have managed to arrange an ‘off-season’ for four weeks through to January 9 when it goes back to South Africa for the SA Open where another Norn Iron golfer, who isn’t as famous as me, is making an appearance, when the deal done between Ernie Els and Rory, you play in my event, Irish Open, and I’ll play in yours, SA Open, is repaid …

A good week in South Africa with so many believers around and we had our bible study on Wednesday at 8am, an hour later now, some sense is eking in, and we had half a dozen there .. As well as that I was able to meet up with two Christian players; Peter Karmis who is always a joy to talk, with being from Greece, although a he’s lived in SA almost all his life, he is keen to read the bible in the King James Version and Greek at the same time … Great!

Andrew Georgiou tends to organise the studies and he brought along some of the people he was staying with, most players are hosted for the week, and it was good to spend an extra hour with him also …

As always I had my Saturday morning 1-1 with Mike from the media and we dwelt on the passage that mentions how the Devil prowls around like a roaring looking for someone to devour, the analogy is particularly apt for the part of the world we were in …

Alex our recently saved South African caddie was as large as life as always and is constantly seeking to see to whom God is leading him to caddy for, so he’s off to Hong Kong this week with Shaun Norris ….

Very interesting discovery; I was aware last year that the greenkeeper from Massereene GC (10 miles from my home town of Ballymena) had given up his job to caddie for Chris Selfridge on the Challenge Tour … With Chris still on that tour for next season, Gavin McCreadie, said caddie, has taken up the job for this coming season with someone you may remember from the past, Steve Tiley, on the European Tour … I came across Gavin on Tuesday at the range and he introduced himself and told me the above story, he also told me that Steve had mentioned I was on this Tour and that Gavin as a believer should get in touch!!?? Now there’s a turn around and turn up. So I had a long chat with Gavin and needless to will be able to keep touch with him even when away from the Tour venues …

You’ll never guess who has returned to caddie this season for Darren Clarke, right first time, the famed Reggie …. Back as large as life and as friendly and ready to ‘discuss’ as ever, there won’t be a dull moment this coming year ….

As ever many thanks to you all who take the time to encourage by; personal contact, email, Facebook, What’s App etc … Really appreciated ….

Have a Christ filled and honouring Christmas and 2017

Matthew 2:11
“ .. They bowed down and worshipped him …”

Ken Revie Logos Golf Ministries
Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour


Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour
Contact Ken by email kr@logosgolfministries.com

Dunhill Championship Leopard Creek, South Africa

Dunhill Championship Leopard Creek Sth Africa Dec 08 – 13Logos on tour Leopards Creek South Africa




After the end of season European leg of the tour sabbatical it was back to SA and the two week December trip, this was reduced t one due to the lack of a sponsor for the Nelson Mandela event, so it was off to Kruger National Park at Leopard Creek, a “park” the size of Wales!

We had the Bible Study on Wednesday at 7am, outdoors on the veranda in 23 degrees and with 18 in attendance …. Oh! For the day when we have 18 at the Study in Europe …. Andrew Georgiou who is the organising Pro was a little taken aback when he asked for the usual text to be sent out to all the players informing them of when the Study was taking place, the SA secretary was fine, but the European refused to entertain the notion of informing the European based players, you can see there is a way to go yet …. Study was excellent with many contributing and also a couple of non believers there …..
I had a couple of extended chats with an old caddie friend who was in his usual animated form …. The caddies always wear shorts on the tour and I advised him to wear long trousers as he tripped himself up so much that his knees were getting badly skinned, he enjoys the banter …. The last “discussion,” a very loose term with him giving off that God changed His mind, so I asked him, “Why would someone who knows everything have to change His mind?”  Furrowed brow and silence was the answer from him ….
It’s always good to renew acquaintance after a little break from the tour [6 weeks] and everyone greets you as if they hadn’t seen you for years, rather endearing really .
Many thanks for your prayers, encouragement and support through 2104 and I wish you Gods presence over the Christmas and New Year holidays and into 2105 …
“You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  Psalm 16:11
Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour