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36 Hole Challenge at Prestwick – 18th & 19th September

If this event had been just a few days earlier I don’t think my ankle would have been up to it as there was still a bit of swelling from my last outing at Musselburgh. Thankfully, I rested it as much as I could despite the jobs of every day life, and made the decision to play after finally getting to hit some balls the weekend before the event. Not the best preparation but I felt it important to attend this one even though Storm Ali was set to hit the west coast on those very days!

I was playing with fellow pros I’ve played with before so it was nice to have a group that may give me another opportunity to share and that proved the case. A very windy start proved difficult to settle into a rythmn and this was especially evident on the greens. I  was not hitting the ball badly but I was struggling with the short game due to lack of play and the strong winds. This day however was not about my game and I knew this travelling down. I just felt I needed to be there knowing I probably wouldn’t play that well.

One partner I was playing with is normally not noted for chatting that much but I was surprised when he finally enquired more regarding what I do. This has been a long time coming and after quite a few times playing with each other I got to give him the full rundown about my role, faith and the Logos ProAm on the 8th hole. A really positive chat and worth coming down for. Shortly afterwards he then got his bit in about definitely having a slot in the ProAm which I suppose is good due to the fact that he came last year and still wants to be involved again. We did get into a conversation about how people can offend others with what they say and do and he commented that people need to be careful around me especially because of my beliefs which at first I wasn’t quite sure what he meant but then understood. I then responded by saying that I am not offended by anything anyone might say against Christianity as it’s not me they are offending. I think I got my point across.

The boys were playing well despite the increasingly strong winds and he especially putted really well. I on the other hand did not and had far too many 3 putts on the back 9 due to lack of confidence on the greens and what I call a ‘cloudy head’. This makes it very difficult to focus and all the negatives tend to get exaggerated in difficult conditions. I would probably put this down as one of the worst rounds of the season but I kept going without getting annoyed as there was a greater purpose here. I know I will get to where I need to and I trust what I have been working on but can’t really expect much when I haven’t been able to put much in over the past couple of weeks. (Definitely thinking about a putting lesson though to give me more focus on the greens after the last month or so.)

After finishing I sat in the locker room and felt as though I had just been battered by a heavyweight for quite a number of rounds. I could’ve felt sorry for myself but I refused to do that because it serves no purpose, and the only sensible thing to do is to make a plan going forward and I had already started to form one in my mind before leaving for home. Just before I left I went to the shop to say hello to a friend and we had a good chat about the difficulty of the day but he also asked about how the ProAm was shaping up. This gave me a good opportunity to share about how we were still a bit short on ladies teams so he then kindly offered to see if any of the ladies at Prestwick would be interested with him being the team Pro. Great timing and continually praying for these kind of conversations to come to fruition.

We wished each other well and I left Prestwick quite pleased despite my worst round for some time. Everyone was saying that the full brunt of the storm was due to hit the following day so looked highly unlikely we would get to play the second round on Wednesday. That proved correct and for the first time I’ve ever known, the PGA cancelled the 2nd round the night before. I think the weather warnings had something to do with that and no point in forcing people to travel when there could be a risk to life. It’s not often common sense prevails these days but glad to see it.

There are more important things than golf but I will return from my injuries stronger and become the witness God needs me to be on the Tartan Tour. Please pray for the right teams to come into the frame for the remaining ProAm slots and for an increased Logos presence in Scotland 

In his service,


SPGA Qualifying at Crieff – 29th August

Since the Scottish PGA Championship has been reduced to a field of only 66 players there is definitely a feel that the tournament has lost something. Although qualifying is not really that difficult due to the scores required only coming down by a shot or two, it does make a mental difference when there are only 12 places available and it used to be more than double that. For the biggest tournament of the year it really should have the biggest field and I think trying to make the nations flagship tournament exclusive has the opposite effect of what was intended. Hopefully the powers that be can see this over the past years and change it before its too late.

As always, the weather at Crieff was very pleasant and I was looking forward to the day. I was paired with a partner from Fereneze and one from Carnoustie, and although I had played with one before, I had never come across the other. As usual, I was announced on the tee as representing Logos Golf Ministries and thought this might have sparked an interest. Sadly this was not the case and even when I tried different avenues of a way in there was no real interest. My partner did not say much and he just focused more on his game with a few indirect chats to there other partner and myself. Not much you can do in this respect and as in a few cases before I just had to be the example during the round.

I got of to a good start and was swinging really well. After the first 6 holes I was 2 under par and to be honest I was thinking about going low and winning. I have been working quite hard on my game recently and I could see the results of this for the first part of the round. I got too excited too early though and forgot the golden rule of one shot at a time. By the 12th hole I was 2 over. I hadn’t played badly but just got ahead of myself which is very dangerous in this game. Still in with a chance I thought if I finished the final holes in 1 or 2 under then at least a score of 1 over par for the round would have been enough to qualify. I was swinging well but was a bit disgruntled at the fact I had let the round slip with basic course management. I knew 2 over wasn’t enough so needed to attack the final holes. Still hitting the ball well I was just too aggressive with the putter and a couple of 3 putts later I had played myself out of the tournament. From thinking about winning to finishing outside the top 25, it was a bitter pill to swallow and something that will need to be addressed in reflection.

As I handed my card in and walked from the Clubhouse I scanned the car park and noticed a fellow pro who played in the Logos Pro-Am last year. We chatted for a bit and he mentioned that he really struggled and was not playing well. It reminded me that I still hadn’t asked him to come to the Pro-Am this year again and he was one of the names of my list of pros to invite back. He said that he was away to Portugal that week so could not make it this year but was very complimentary of the event last year and said he would be happy to support future events in the coming years. Something positive to leave on and I will definitely keep him in mind for 2019.

I hate driving home thinking what could have been, along with the should’ve done this or should’ve done that, but it’s hard not to when the opportunity was there. I know I will get there as I’m too close not to but I will keep trusting God to help me learn both on the course and off. I absolutely believe the hardest thing in this life is to wait our turn and be patient as we have so many emotions that can override what we should do. Allowing ourselves to be guided by the Spirit can seem difficult but we must continually look in this direction to get to where we need to be. I continually pray for the opportunity to share my faith and the ministry on the Tartan Tour as that is the most important thing and the reason why I’m out there.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Logos Pro-Am at Archerfield.

In his Service,


Belleisle and Bathgate ProAm – June 2018

With back to back Pro-Ams last week its always interesting meeting your teams and what type of reactions you receive when explaining Logos Golf Ministries as my attachment and that I am not your usual Club Professional. There was a bit off a difference with both events and the conditions.

I’ve attended the Parkdean Pro-Am at Belleisle every other year and although not a difficult course, it always has swirling winds due to the tall trees that spread over the layout. The winds were very strong and we knew this was going to be tough day, but the sun was out and that’s always a bonus. My playing partners were Simon, Sam and Ross who had travelled all the way from Leeds just to play in this event. Simon loves this part of the world and he always brings a team from his company to Ayrshire each year for a day out.

As we got started I was able to explain to the guys about my background and the reasons for me playing on the Tartan tour along with our Pro-am at Archerfield. This lasted for about ten minutes or so and I thought I was in for some good chats about the ministry during the round as they seemed quite intrigued. Sadly this did not go any further and nothing else was mentioned for the rest of the round. It was as if I had said my bit and that was enough of that for them. They asked me about plenty of other things during the round but I could tell it was about everything else but the ministry.

We all found the golf very tricky due to the winds and the slick greens but overall we didn’t play that badly despite some challenging holes. I am definitely more patient with my golf these days but probably becoming more impatient regarding interest in the ministry. I’m still guarding against being pushy but really want to chat more in depth rather than just give it the usual summary. I know I can’t force things if people don’t want to listen but I am looking to be more aware of any possible opportunities that might be missed during a round. Something to keep praying about.

We had soup and sandwiches before departing and chatted about the world cup amongst other topical issues but that was about it. Driving home I felt a bit deflated due to the frustration of not scoring as well as I played and not feeling as though much came from the day. I was then quickly reminded that every day is a learning curve and this experience should help me for future events. Nothing is ever wasted with God and I will return here more positive.

Bathgate is always a very well supported Pro-Am and this is most likely down to the host professional Stuart Callan. Stuart was one of the first professionals I ever played with when I was still an amateur back in the 90’s and he’s a true gentleman who looks after all the Pro’s when they come to his club. I was chatting to him outside the shop as he was lending me a trolley for the day and I explained about the Logos Pro-Am in October and if he would like to attend as one of the Pros. He was honest enough to say he doesn’t play much and would not want to let a team down but I took the opportunity to say he could bring a team of his friends so that he wasn’t under too much pressure and this seemed to go down better. I’ll keep in touch with him.

I had the pleasure of playing with the Captains team made up of Brian, Mhairi, and Bobby. Brian and Mhairi are the Gent and Lady Captains of Bathgate and Bobby was a guest of Brian. Right away there was a different feel to the team and I got to share with all of them regarding the ministry which was received well over the front 9. Mhairi is also a past champion of Bathgate and plays of 5 so she was impressed that we had Alison Nicholas coming to speak at our event and hopefully this might result in a ladies team coming along.

My game has been feeling stronger all the time and this is probably the best I have hit the ball all year. When you hit 16 greens in regulation and only miss 1 fairway it feels really good but my putting was a tad off due to how fast and slick Bathgate’s greens were. I thought Belleisle’s were quick but these were off the chart and I struggled to get the pace for most of the round. It wasn’t till the last few holes that I felt more comfy with them but would argue that I played good enough to win if only the putts had dropped in the first half of the round. I’ve never said that before but know I am moving on to the next level and need to keep getting myself in these positions to let it happen.

My fellow Pro, Stephen Gray was playing ahead of me and watched as I hit a good shot into the 14thto about 10 feet. As I missed the breaking putt and walked back to the tee where he was waiting, I said I was struggling on the greens to which he offered to have a look at my stroke. Stevie is probably one of the best putters on the Tartan tour and I might take him up on the offer at some point. He asked if I was playing at Drumpellier on the Sunday but I said to him “No, I try not to play on Sunday unless I really have to”, to which he replied, “ Oh are you studying John Chapter whatever”. This is just Stevie’s humour and something that makes me smile. He did ask to come to the Pro-Am again after hearing Luther Blacklock speak last year so there is hope.

We did well as a team but just finished outside the prizes due to some very low team scores. After enjoying a terrific meal and friendly chat we looked forward to possibly meeting again in some capacity and it was a nice way to end the day. I caught Stuart just as he was about to start the prizegiving and thanked him for his hospitality while reminding him of my offer to attend Archerfield. I hope he can make it.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Logos Pro-Am in October.

In his service,


ASI Scottish Par 3 – June 2018

The first I had heard of this event was during a call to my friend after the Northern Open. He had contacted me to say unlucky for just missing out on the final day and then proceeded to invite me to attend Paul Lawrie’s Par 3 tournament held at his own course in Aberdeen. Although it was short notice I felt that I should attend and what a great little event to be part of.

I asked for a late time on the Thursday so that I would only be away for 1 night and this also allowed me to travel up that morning. On arrival I was blown away by how the event was organised and I suppose this is due to the host trying to make it similar to a tour event set up. Although this was a par 3 tournament over a 9 hole course, you could have been forgiven for thinking we were at the biggest event of the year due to crowds, sponsors boards round each tee and in particular, a Players Lounge. Very well done.

We were to play the 9 hole course twice each day and after looking online at the layout of the course I was thinking how hard could this course be with the longest hole at just over 200 yards. I then saw some of the scores earlier that day and knew it was to be much harder than anticipated. It was the day of the high winds that battered most of Scotland and the wind never really went away all day. Apparently we had it easier in the afternoon but I don’t see how the wind could have been worse than we had it that evening. A well struck 3 wood going 165 yards says it all.

I was playing with a European tour player and former British Amateur Champion and I could tell right away how good a player he was. It didn’t take long for us to chat about our stories and its incredible how someone half my age has already played on Tour and even more impressive, The Masters, US Open and The Open. My golfing CV was just a bit less illustrious but my personal story caught his attention and he liked to hear that my wife and I were helping kids who needed the help. He didn’t mention much about my Logos story but it was a good interaction.

We really struggled in what was borderline conditions but this was a fun course to play and all you can do when its like that is get on with it. At times it felt like crazy golf but was really enjoyable and both of us almost made holes in one at the 100 yard 7th/16thdespite being downwind to a half island green. Only 1 professional out of the field broke par and that shows just how tough it was. Feeling a bit hard done by, we both finished our last hole and were glad to get in after losing to the course that day. We would get another crack at it tomorrow and the forecast was slightly better.

A drinks reception was held at a local hotel that evening and this gave me a chance to catch up with some friends and network a little. Two there are coming to the Logos Pro Am this year but I got chatting to one of the Loch Lomond Whiskey reps regarding Logos and he was very interested in this due to his family having ties with the Church of Scotland. As we chatted he expressed interest in attending the event and also providing some prizes courtesy of the distillery. Loch Lomond Whiskies is now a major sponsor for some of the big events this summer and they are really trying to put themselves on the map with the branding. A really positive chat and unexpected to say the least.

Day 2 was a bit calmer but still a very strong west wind to keep us on our toes. As I was hitting balls on the range I got that chance to chat with a former European Tour player, who is from the Aberdeen area, and I wanted to ask him about potential venues for a Logos Pro Am in the North. There was always a vision about have a few events around the country so that we were reaching all areas, and he felt our best venues would probably be Royal Aberdeen or Trump. Personally I think Royal Aberdeen sounds better but we wont get political. He was more than happy to support the event and I definitely think this is something to pray about for next year or the year after.

I was playing with Michael from Elgin for the 2ndround and we got off to a reasonable start despite ‘the breeze’. Michael is a really easy going guy and it was great to chat with him during our game. It turns out he has family that stay round the corner from me, so next time he is down we will definitely meet up and have a few holes at Dullatur. Always good to sow a new seed and it lays the foundation for more in-depth discussion. We managed to shave off some shots from our first round and both posted 3 over for the second round which shows just how difficult a little course this is. During the event I used every club in the bag apart from the driver and that gives an indication of how different each shot was over the course of the two days. This is a testament to the variation of the holes and slopes round about them which is a cracking par 3 course that tests the best.

I hope to return to this event and would encourage anyone who has not visited the Paul Lawrie Golf Centre to go and try it if you are ever in that area. I know that we will have a Logos event in the North East soon and I really feel God is going to work greatly in that area. Please pray for Logos Golf Ministries working throughout Scotland and beyond and for those mentioned in this report.

In his service,


Northern Open at Nairn Dunbar – June 2018

It is quite sad that over the past few years now this event has ran without a sponsor. This is supposed to be the 2ndbiggest event on the Tartan Tour behind the Scottish PGA Championship, but with only 85 entries it shows that many professionals simply will not play due to the dwindling prizefund. The field used to be 150 players made up of Tartan Tour, Challenge Tour & Top Amateur golfers, but after expenses it’s only profitable by finishing in the Top 3!- I understand the lack of support.

I had never played Nairn Dunbar so it was good to get a practise round on the Monday to get a feel for the place. As I scooted round on my own I could see this was a very strategic course that required accurate driving. Very tight in places and certain sides you just could not miss the fairway. This was going to be a good challenge but I liked the course and felt I could do something round it. It was nice and calm during the practise day – never a good sign.

As I arrived for the tournament we were greeted by sunshine and blue sky and it was very warm. With a stiff breeze coming off the east it was going to be tricky but probably the easiest wind to play the course. I was playing with good young players so it was a great draw and got the chance right away to share something on the 1sttee. The Starter was just about to announce us when he came over to me and asked about the pronunciation of ‘Logos Golf Ministries’. This gave me the opportunity to go over what we do with everyone standing there and after I was finished the starter patted me on the back and said, “Good for you lad, well done”.

The front 9 was tough as we were into the wind most of the way, but the back 9 played a bit easier so some good opportunities to pick up some shots on the way in. Both Chris and Sam are quite chatty so we spoke quite a bit going round and I mentioned the Pro-Am again which Chris is definitely coming to play. We all played well coming in but I had dropped too many shots on the front to post a decent score. I would need to score under par on the second day to make the cut with there only being 30 places available.

After the round I got to chat with Chris’s friend, Ross Leeds, who is attached to Archerfield Links, and I asked him if he wanted to attend the Logos Pro-Am due to the fact that is his home course. He was more than happy to accept the offer and good to have a Professional from Archerfield present. Overall not a bad day but should really have been a few shots less.

After a good nights sleep, I was off a little earlier on day 2 so had breakfast early and headed to the practise ground. I bumped into Craig Ronald who was hitting balls just along from me and we chatted about the previous day and what was required for getting through. I knew that I would need around 2 or 3 under at least and was ready to give it a go anyway. Craig had attended the Logos Pro-Am last year and I felt he should come along again to hear Alison Nicholas so I took the opportunity to invite him again and he gladly accepted. Craig knows the story with what I do and the fact he is coming back again after hearing what Luther Blacklock had to say last year is very positive.

I was playing with Chris and Sam again so we could continue our chats from yesterday and got to know Sam a little better and his very dry sense of humour. He didn’t say much about my work after the chats from yesterday but he was impressed by the fact I am an ‘ambassador’ and thought this was very regal. As we made our way through the front 9 the boys struggled a bit, but I seemed to be the one setting the pace in the group and by the 12thhole I was under par. Chris was struggling but I gave him a quiet word and told him he was doing fine and to trust his game. He then proceeded to eagle the following hole and get himself back on track so I was glad to have helped a bit.

I knew I was still a few shots away from qualifying so needed a couple more birdies at least. Over the last few holes I missed a few 10 foot putts for birdies which would have put me in a really good position but was still in with a shout if I finished with a birdie 4 on the last hole. We were all feeling tired after another day of golf in quite blustery conditions, but we all hit decent drives and were left with mid-irons to the green. Both the boys were sitting around the 1 over par mark which was going to make it in comfortably but I was sitting at 5 over for the tournament after a bogey at 17, and knew I needed at least a birdie to finish. As I glanced at the board I could see that I now needed to make the 20 foot putt for the 3 to post 3 over for the tournament and be sure of getting through. I had a go at it anyway and unfortunately just misread the break so it left me 5 feet by the hole. I missed the return.

After play the boys congratulated me on a good second round and thought I was unlucky not to qualify with how I played. I was just hoping the cut didn’t go to 4 over as I wouldn’t have been happy 3 putting the last hole and missing by 1. The cut was 3 over, I needed the 3.

It’s disappointing to just miss it again this year but overall a very positive event with some good play and more important some good conversations. Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the continued support of the Logos Pro-Am this year.

In his service,


Northern Open at Lossiemouth – 5/6-8/6

The Moray Golf Club sits right on the coast at Lossiemouth and has hosted a number of high profile amateur and professional events. It is a mixture of fair and testing holes and even on a calm day presents a test golf. What we were about to experience for the event was something nobody could have prepared for.

I managed to make it up for the Monday practice day and got to play 12 holes with a former European Tour player. It was a beautiful evening and as we played the first hole he asked me if I was playing much. This gave me the opportunity to briefly share with him regarding my role with Logos and how I was hoping to get out there more with the support of Christians in Sport going forward. He seemed quite intrigued but did not really mention much about it after that. We spoke about where we played our junior golf as he recognised my face, probably from the old Glasgow Golf Union days, and when I mentioned my home club of Sandyhills the penny dropped for him. I had played his brother in a match in 1991 at Cathkin Braes and he had been watching so the dots were finally joined. We were conscious of the time so instead of playing all the way round we jumped across to the final six holes. Having played the course before we did not really need to go all the way round and it was just nice to get a feel for the place again after 4 hours in the car getting there. When we finished, we wished each other well for the tournament and had no idea of what was to come on Tuesday.

The weather forecast was not good for Tuesday and Wednesday and as I stood on the 1st tee the rain was driving in from the water and showed no signs of letting up. I was playing with players from Panmure and Banchory. If we had been playing any other course it would have been unplayable before lunchtime but Moray has one of the best natural drainage systems I have witnessed, and the course, especially the greens, were playable despite the amount of rain that continued for the rest of the day. Every single golfer on the course was soaked to the skin and was tasked with completing 18 holes which reminded me of that cult Japanese show ‘Endurance’.

One of my partners decided he could not play anymore so left the course after 9 holes. The remaining two of us continued as we felt we had no other option and there was only word to describe the back 9 – horrific. The one positive was that we both chatted away to keep each other going and I did manage to share with him about my role and my faith earlier in the round. He didn’t really enquire about it on the back 9 but that would probably have been the last thing on his mind during the squall we experienced. We kept saying to each other, “Only 6 holes left”, “Only 4 holes left” and any finesse about playing the game had just gone out the window.

We were just managing to hold on to our clubs and get the ball going forward which was success in our eyes. I still could not believe how well the course held up to it, especially the greens, and felt as though we had achieved something special by just finishing the round. Despite our rounds of 81 and 82 respectively, we were sitting around the top 30 out of 90 players. The scores were the highest ever recorded for the 1st round and when former champions  score 19 over and 17 over par for their rounds you can understand how impossible conditions were. Easily the most difficult time I have experienced on a golf course.

I had spoken to one of the organisers briefly on the putting green before play and he already knew about my role from speaking to him at last year’s Northern Open. He was more concerned about the future of the Northern Open due to the event not having a sponsor which has effectively halfed the normal prize money. I half jokingly said maybe we could eventually have a Logos Golf Ministries Northern Open next year depending on how things go. He seemed fine with it and it wasn’t till I said it I thought about how prominent that would be to be sponsoring the second biggest event on the Tartan Tour. Something to pray about.

I was playing with with the same partner for the second round and conditions had eased slightly but there was a lengthy delay in the morning as the rain had continued overnight and parts of the course had started to flood. Eventually we managed a two tee start and two of the holes had to be reduced in length as this was the only way the course would be playable and get everyone out in time. I managed to speak with another player just before the round and he seems keen to participate in the Pro-Am at Dundonald in September so we have almost all our Professionals on board and I just need to speak with a couple more to get our full compliment. A score of 3 over on the second round was not bad but I did leave a couple of shots out there and narrowly missed the cut by the same amount. It was disappointing not to make it through but over the whole I did look back and feel I did pretty much the best I could have done given the conditions. Also, It was a pretty tough cut mark with only the top 32 going through.

Sometimes circumstances can seem very unfair and in an ideal world everything would be in place for things to go the way we plan. Golf is one of those games that is not like that at all and making the best of what we are given definitely gives us a better perspective. Although disappointed not to make the cut, I left Lossiemouth with some confidence and an element of contentment as for the most part I did the best I could. I will take this forward with me and know it will help me in the future.

God is always at work and he always has a plan even if things don’t go the way we would like. I was on the reserve list for the Cawder Pro-Am last week and although I didn’t get to play due to a smaller field than usual, I had the opportunity to play with fellow Christian golfer and his friend. The former has booked a team in the Pro-Am and we have also been talking about his church golf day he is organising that would have Christians and non Christians attending sometime in August. These are exciting times for the ministry in Scotland and I look forward to the plans God has for us. Let’s be honest, If we knew everything that was going to happen it would all be a bit boring wouldn’t it?

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the future of the ministry.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com


Rowallan 36 Hole PGA Event – 9th & 10th May, 2017

Rowallan Castle Logos on TouRowallan 36 Hole PGA Event – 9th & 10th May, 2017

The PGA events have been a bit later in starting due a lot more of the events being played later on this year around September and October. I think this is due to weather conditions and it being milder at that time of year compared to March and April. This might work quite well and could be the template for future seasons, especially with the winter alliance events running up to April anyway.

I had never played Rowallan Castle before and was interested to play a Colin Montgomerie course for the first time. A practise round on the Friday before definitely helped as there were a lot of holes that required specific tee shots due to well placed bunkers. Monty obviously imagined how he would have played the course and accuracy was a big part of his game.

The first day I played with Michael from Edzell and Campbell from Strathclyde Park. There was not much conversation during the game until the end of the round, but on the 1st Tee I got to chat to the guys about what I was doing as Michael was sure we’d played together before and he asked me to remind him of what I was up to these days. Always good to get in there early. When we got to the second hole I experienced some adversity that seemed to follow me through the round but when I look back on it I smile and just shake my head. I hit my ball into the hazard on the second hole which I thought may have caught up on the bank and not actually went in. As I stopped to look and crossed over the hazard I parked the trolley. While I was looking I heard Campbell shouting, ‘Vincent, your bag!’. As I stood on the other side of the burn I witnessed my bag rolling into the water and almost fully submerging without being able to do much about it. When I finally fished it out and emptied the water I then had to go back to play another ball which resulted in a 7 at the par 3. I looked on the positive side that it was a nice warm day so everything dried within a few holes. Small Mercies.
By the time I got to the 11th hole I was still only 4 over so had played all the other holes in even par and felt quite good but then experienced something that believe it or not has helped me more than anything this year. I made an 11 on the 11th hole. Yes, that is correct and yes it helped me a great deal. The hardest hole on the course has out of bounds all the way down the left of the hole and I have been fighting a slight pull recently. I tried to trust the swing but the balls just kept going out of bounds. After this experience I was still able to finish the final half a dozen holes in 1 over and mulled over how I could have prevented what happened. It wasn’t till the second day that I understood why this happened and what needed to change.

I have always been a great believer in what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and when you read the scriptures it is filled with stories of individuals overcoming tremendous adversity to fulfil God’s purpose. My adversity is nothing compared to what they went through but it is my own personal fight and one that I try and do on my own maybe too often. I don’t give up easily and always try to keep going but as I was playing my second round with a young lad from Paisley called Euan, it became clear what I must do.
Euan is just staring out in his career, and at 17 years old I could see the enthusiasm and desire to do well. I was able to chat to him briefly regarding my role but I could see his mind was focused on the game more than anything and talking about the top professionals and how good they are. We were both playing fairly well, and I managed to make it by the 2nd hole with a dry bag! What I could see in Euan was myself 25 years ago. So eager to play well and getting very frustrated when things don’t go your way. He was being very hard on himself and openly admitted he lets bad shots get to him. As I have gotten older and hopefully a bit wiser, I am not anywhere as bad as I used to be, but from making an 11 on a hole when not playing that badly and watching Euan at his young age, I realised that I was still trying too hard and my expectations were too high for now. I need to play to my strengths and look at the best route for me, not so much how someone else does it. Everything that is worth while takes time and I know God’s plan for the ministry will work hand in hand with my own performance and the example I will set for others no matter where it is.

I encouraged Euan not to let things get to him so much as I was speaking from experience and know it will not help him to be so hard on himself. He seemed to take it well and I hope I see him again soon to keep encouraging him.

Another positive note was that I got the chance to speak with 6 of the Professionals who I was planning to invite to the Pro-Am this year and all of them responded positively to attending in September. Only a few more to speak with and then we will have our full compliment of Professionals for the event.

Please pray for myself, the Pro-Am and those mentioned in this report.
In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
To get in touch with Vincent email vb@logosgolfministries.com


Alliance at Lanark – 20/03/07

Alliance at Lanark – 20/03/07

scenery at lanark golf club
The last time I played at Lanark was in the Alliance at the same time last year. It was a bitterly cold day with ground conditions verging on being unplayable, so it was nice to stand on the 1st tee with sun and blue sky, despite having to wrap up well due to a strong westerly wind. I was optimistic that the weather would calm down and we could have a nice dry day, how wrong I was.
My playing partner was Dominic, a former greenkeeper who played his golf out of Drumpellier and played off an impressive +2. As we started off I immediately got to share with him regarding my attachment as the first thing he asked me was what course I played out of. This can sometimes be a general query from amateurs to professionals but I prefer to think most of the questions put to me are a result of seeing ‘Logos Golf Ministries’ in black and white and that sparks an interest. It was fairly pleasant as we played the first couple of holes so this gave us a good chance to talk and we actually got through quite a bit regarding both our lives and work in the space of 20 minutes, even managing to hit some shots in between!
As we finished the 3rd hole, I would like to say I was surprised by the snow that hit us for around 5 minutes but I wasn’t. Living in Scotland gives the unique experience of unpredictable weather at any time and we saw everything possible from that moment. After the short blizzard we then had a few holes of 40 mph winds (with blue sky) followed by a mixture of rain and hail till we got to the back nine. There was then a very short lull for 1 hole where all the waterproofs had to come off as it was too warm and dead calm. The wind then got going again till the end of the round and we had to get suited up to defend against the driving rain coming in at a 45 degree angle until we got to the 16th. We didn’t get to chat much over this period apart from just encouraging each other to keep going and that we were ‘nearly there’. We said that quite a few times over the back nine.
We finished off with the Sun on our backs and just a slight breeze, the funny part being I’m sure I heard someone who just walked into the clubhouse saying, ‘Looks like its going to be a nice afternoon for a few holes’. Dominic made a fairly sharp exit as he had to head off but I wished him well and enjoyed his company and playing. He hopes to go through his PGA diploma soon and I will look out for him on the circuit should he do so. A good player and a nice lad and I hope I meet him again soon.

I was doing a lesson the other day with a family that I teach on and off and I got the chance to share with them regarding the work I do for the ministry and the Pro-Am. I hadn’t really thought about it before but I have been coaching them for a couple of years now and there had never really been an opportunity to talk like that. They are interested in attending the Pro-Am so it just goes to show how timing is very important and how the right time can make the difference.
No matter what is thrown at us, we keep going and trust that God will take us through, preparing us for the right times that lie ahead. Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com


Alliance at Western Gailes (Irvine) -15/2/17

western gailes golf course

Alliance at Western Gailes (Irvine) -15/2/17

After my last visit to this course last year I was looking forward to returning and enjoying my first outing of 2017 in much calmer conditions. Playing with a 40mph crosswind at this venue previously was not pleasant, but a calm breeze was blowing on arrival and I was eager to get going and post a good score to start the year off well.

I was playing with my Irish friend from Prestwick, Adrian and David Stein from Ranfurly Castle. Adrian was well aware of my attachment from our last outing but I had not met David before who is one of the professionals at Ranfurly. As we got going I immediately got chatting to David who had mentioned he saw my name around over the past couple of seasons and also wondered about Logos Golf Ministries and what that meant as an attachment. Great introduction and proof that many of the guys who I have not spoken with yet will have the same questions and that many conversations await, especially with the Logos Pro Am in black and white on the PGA roster.

As we walked along the second hole I got the chance to go into things in a bit more detail and explained about my role as an ambassador and someone who can be approached to discuss anything regarding the Christian faith without fear of views being forced on anyone. He seemed pleasantly surprised and agreed with the concept which is always positive. I have yet to experience someone completely disagreeing with what I am doing but I know there will be some opposition, as there always is eventually when it comes to Christianity. I will continue to trust that God has the situation in hand and no matter what comes against us, he has the answer and the victory.

We all played fairly solid for the rest of the round and although not much else was said regarding the Ministry or the Pro Am, we all got on well and I suppose it shows that the guys were quite comfortable with me and that is important when laying foundations for the future. I felt for David on the 14th hole as he was going along at about level par and hit what we thought was a decent drive. As we got down to where his ball should have been there was no trace and very strange not to find the ball. As play was tightly packed behind us he chose not to go back which effectively ended the round for him. Very unfortunate but I wish he had gone back to play another ball as he still could have returned a decent score. He was probably still in shock not to find the ball, as we all were, and made a rash decision without really thinking it through, but he did not want to hold play up anymore. I’m sure if it was an Order of Merit event he would have went back and played on.

On completing the round I managed to finish in 3rd place with 74. Not bad for the first round of the year on a challenging course as always. It was just nice to not be blown off the planet this time and keep the ball in play for a steady round. Hopefully signs of things to come with performance, and especially colleagues noticing the Logos name more and more this year. It is so easy to give up when feeling despondent but God has called us to press on and he rewards those who are faithful in that respect.

Please pray for those mentioned and the future of the ministry in this exciting year ahead.
In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour. Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com




Scotland Golfers Alliance Championship | Irvine | 4th & 5th October, 2016

Scotland Golfers Alliance Championship
4th & 5th October, 2016

Logo on the Tartan Tour at irvine-irvine-bogside

The Scottish Alliance Championship is an event that comprises of the four Alliance associations- North, South, East & West.

This year the event was run by the West Alliance so the venue was at Irvine Bogside in Ayrshire.

After being away for a week in Fuerteventura to visit my father in law, it seemed a little chilly although the temperature was a mild 14 degrees for the time of year (It was 28 degrees in Fuerteventura!). A brisk wind was brewing and I knew this would be a tough day as Irvine is tricky enough at the best of times, never mind with the wind. I was fortunate enough to arrange a meeting with the Scottish PGA Secretary, Shona Malcolm, while I was in Irvine and we discussed the possibility of a Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am for next year. The PGA are more than happy to put this event on the calendar so once we have confirmed the venue this event will be going ahead next Autumn – Good news for the ministry and details to follow in the new year!

After hitting a few balls I made my way to the tee and my playing partner for the next couple of days would be Gary from the North Alliance. I got to give him the brief details of my role with Logos before we teed off and initially he seemed quite surprised, but as we played round he did not ask anything else about it and I definitely got the feeling he wanted to avoid the subject as we spoke about everything else but that. A very difficult 25 mph wind blew for the rest of the day and it seemed as though every hole was playing into the wind. Not a great scoring day and the scores for the event showed this apart from the early starters who got it a bit calmer – how dare they!

Again, we were teeing off a bit later the next day and it seemed as though the wind had stayed the exact same. I was told it was like this all morning so the whole field had to play under the same conditions. I did feel slightly better but then realised I still had to go and tough it out again. What happened today really showed me something that was strange but encouraging. Gary did not mention anything regarding my role or ask any questions about it. I kind of figured that was going to happen after yesterday but I still remained open for the rest of my time there. As I played round I experienced a change in my golf and I really felt I was swinging well and playing well despite the strong wind. As I kept going I began to forget about the score and just thought about how my body was moving. This was how it should feel and I was striking the ball better than ever. The wind was still making it tough and putting was not easy. As I walked off I had scored 80 but felt as though I had played extremely well and learned something that was going to change my game for the future. Gary and I thanked each other for our company over the last couple of days in tough conditions and said our goodbyes before heading home. Irvine had won over the two days but I felt I had taken away not just the good news of the Pro-Am for next year, but an experience that will last and will take me to the next level of my playing.

Sometimes going through the tough times is when we really learn what we need to. We might not see it right away and we might feel as though we are fighting a losing battle, but by being aware of what is going on around us and persevering towards the end we can always learn something, and that something may have already came up years ago but we simply forgot about it.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the growth of the ministry leading to the Logos Pro-Am next year.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador and PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com