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Alliance at Lanark – 20/03/07

Alliance at Lanark – 20/03/07

scenery at lanark golf club
The last time I played at Lanark was in the Alliance at the same time last year. It was a bitterly cold day with ground conditions verging on being unplayable, so it was nice to stand on the 1st tee with sun and blue sky, despite having to wrap up well due to a strong westerly wind. I was optimistic that the weather would calm down and we could have a nice dry day, how wrong I was.
My playing partner was Dominic, a former greenkeeper who played his golf out of Drumpellier and played off an impressive +2. As we started off I immediately got to share with him regarding my attachment as the first thing he asked me was what course I played out of. This can sometimes be a general query from amateurs to professionals but I prefer to think most of the questions put to me are a result of seeing ‘Logos Golf Ministries’ in black and white and that sparks an interest. It was fairly pleasant as we played the first couple of holes so this gave us a good chance to talk and we actually got through quite a bit regarding both our lives and work in the space of 20 minutes, even managing to hit some shots in between!
As we finished the 3rd hole, I would like to say I was surprised by the snow that hit us for around 5 minutes but I wasn’t. Living in Scotland gives the unique experience of unpredictable weather at any time and we saw everything possible from that moment. After the short blizzard we then had a few holes of 40 mph winds (with blue sky) followed by a mixture of rain and hail till we got to the back nine. There was then a very short lull for 1 hole where all the waterproofs had to come off as it was too warm and dead calm. The wind then got going again till the end of the round and we had to get suited up to defend against the driving rain coming in at a 45 degree angle until we got to the 16th. We didn’t get to chat much over this period apart from just encouraging each other to keep going and that we were ‘nearly there’. We said that quite a few times over the back nine.
We finished off with the Sun on our backs and just a slight breeze, the funny part being I’m sure I heard someone who just walked into the clubhouse saying, ‘Looks like its going to be a nice afternoon for a few holes’. Dominic made a fairly sharp exit as he had to head off but I wished him well and enjoyed his company and playing. He hopes to go through his PGA diploma soon and I will look out for him on the circuit should he do so. A good player and a nice lad and I hope I meet him again soon.

I was doing a lesson the other day with a family that I teach on and off and I got the chance to share with them regarding the work I do for the ministry and the Pro-Am. I hadn’t really thought about it before but I have been coaching them for a couple of years now and there had never really been an opportunity to talk like that. They are interested in attending the Pro-Am so it just goes to show how timing is very important and how the right time can make the difference.
No matter what is thrown at us, we keep going and trust that God will take us through, preparing us for the right times that lie ahead. Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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