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Mini Tour Event at Troon Darley – 5/1/18

The Christmas decorations had not long been put away before one of my earliest ever outings of a new season. I had been contacted by my fellow Pro, John Henry, as there were a few spaces left for his mini-tour event at Troon Darley. I had not been playing at all over the festive period due to work and weather, but felt that I should go along and get an early swing in. It was a very stiff swing but I just wanted a game to see where I was at and what needed to be addressed.

As I arrived at Troon there were only about 12 of us playing but this meant we could all sit and have a chat before going out and I was surprised to see a certain Ronan Rafferty there. As we sat with our tea and coffee, I realised that half of the guys there were not known to me as they were not PGA pros, but Europro players. This is a step up in standard and I thought it would be good to play with some of these guys just to see how good they are.

We ended up playing in 4-balls, which is unusual for an individual tournament but made for a friendly game.  I was by far the oldest in our group and I have noticed this is becoming more and more common!

Over the first half dozen holes it became clear that I was a bit rusty but it was good to stretch the muscles again and I also got the chance to chat to each of the guys about my role. Each of them asked me about my attachment on a different hole of the front 9 so the same conversation was had a few times and now they know about Logos and what we are trying to do. Two of our group were in better form but we all had those dodgy early season shots to forget, for me some more dodgy than others.

I could see one of the ‘form guys’ was a very good player and he was telling me that playing on the Europro tour is very tough because everybody out there is just as good as each other and anyone can win on a given day. He has been doing this for a few years now so must be doing ok, and he mentioned about going to Portugal for a couple of weeks before the season fully kicks off to get some decent practice.

It is so very cold in this country at this time of year and very difficult to get the body working well in these conditions. I hope he has a good season will probably meet up with him again at another of John’s events as he said he’ll play in most of them going forward.

As the other two in our group were both PGA assistants we also chatted about their clubs. One mentioned that he gets quite a lot of time to go and play due to his boss understanding the playing side of it being a fairly successful player himself on the Tartan tour. He looks as if he could become a very good player and from seeing his name up there a couple of times last year I think he can become one of the Tartan tour’s prominent names.

The other shared with me that his club is really struggling with member numbers due to deals being offered elsewhere to the point they are not sure how much longer they will be able to keep going. It’s always sad when a club gets to a stage that the land becomes more valuable for something else due to a ‘better deal’ and although he mentioned they are getting some members back because the deals didn’t work for the individuals, they still might have to sell some land to keep the club open for at least another 15 years. I hope it works out for them as the family have been the pros there a while now and they deserve better.

It was good to chat with the guys over a fairly laid back competitive game and get the feeling we will all cross paths again soon. More seeds sown and I pray for God to bless the year ahead with prosperity. Overall a decent day out that reminded me I needed some practice but more importantly investment in some new equipment. I’m being fitted next week!

Please pray for the growth of the ministry,

In His service


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com




West of Scotland Golfers Alliance – Prestwick St. Nicholas (7/11/17)

For the final event of the year it was nice to return to Prestwick St. Nicholas where we held our Logos Golf Day in 2016. Although a fresh day, there was no frost and we were able to play the full course with the greens running well. It’s not often you get a course in such good condition in November, but coastal courses cope with the winter much better than anything inland and it’s all down to the firm sand-based turf.

I was playing with a very good professional from Clydebank, and although he is not affiliated with the PGA, he plays in some of the higher tier tours such as the Europro Tour. As we got going, he shared with me that he started his own mini tour around Scotland, open to PGA pros and non-affiliates. I was quite impressed with this as he is only 25 and has received some backing for this which allows for a reasonable prize fund.

By the time we got to the second hole I was able to share with him about the recent Logos Pro-Am and this led on to discussing my faith and the vision for Logos in Scotland. He was also looking at Archerfield as one of his courses for an event and we were of the same view that we wanted the best venues for our future events as it sets the standard going forward.

As we finished the front nine, I thought I was playing reasonably well but he was four shots ahead of me at four under. The one thing he was doing extremely well was putting. It seemed as though everything he looked at went in and I asked him if he had been working on this to which he replied that he had been ‘fitted’ for his putter.

It is quite common now for decent players to be fitted for their clubs, but not so much the putter. He mentioned that he always thought he was a fairly decent putter but then went for a fitting and could not believe how much it helped. I suppose this makes sense but it was not something I had thought about much. As we continued playing, he kept rolling the putts in and as we stood on the final hole he was sitting at eight under par. I had not being playing badly, but to be 10 shots behind him at that point was a sobering thought. He finished with a par for 61 and a superb round to watch. (Note to self : Get fitted for putter in January!)

We sat in the lounge for a quick bite before leaving and we discussed various things such as his future events and family life, but he didn’t ask any more about Logos or what I’d spoke to him about earlier. I am keen to support his tour and think this could be another avenue to meet different professionals.

Another player came over to us to congratulate my partner on his round and as he knows him fairly well, he jokingly commented that he needed a drugs test after such a good round. I mentioned to the other player about how solid the round was and he smiled, shaking his head, probably because he knows how good my partner is.

On my way out I gave him my number to include me in any information about future events and the other player is also attending some of his events too so we shall see where it goes. I’ll try to keep in touch with the boys early in the new year and consolidate yet another friendship that has been made through the Alliance.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the work that will continue in 2018 and beyond. Many thanks for your support throughout the year and have a great Christmas and new year.

Blessings to you all.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com



West of Scotland Golfers Alliance – Glasgow Gailes (30/10/17)

It’s been a long time since I last played Glasgow Gailes but I have fond memories of amateur golf with the Glasgow Golf Union and playing with former Walker Cup player, Graham Shaw, in the Glasgow Strokeplay 22 years ago and just managing to finish a shot ahead of him.

The overall layout of the course has not changed apart from a few new tees to lengthen the course. It always was a fairly short course for being an Open Championship Final Qualifying venue but some very challenging par 4s on the back 9 make up for it.

I was playing with a local amateur and a fellow pro I know well. We were off around 9am and it was a strange experience on the West coast to not have a breath of wind, almost surreal.

As we got underway I got the chance to have some good chats with the amateur player about kids, football, golf and of course Logos. We got on well and in between shots of the front 9, we had covered the poor state of Scottish football and how he really enjoys running his son’s football team, but this does interfere with how much golf he gets to play.

He wouldn’t swap it though and I really admire his dedication to helping the kids learn to play football properly without the rubbish that goes along with it. He mentioned that the worst thing is the ‘over enthusiastic’ parents that need to be reminded how to behave and he struck me as the kind of guy who does not put up with any nonsense. I like his style.

I was pleasantly surprised that when mentioning about Logos and Christians in Sport, he said that he’d actually read some of my reports from the website so he was already familiar with what I was doing. I think that is a first for one of my playing partners to be a step ahead of what I was saying but very positive, and as we stay not far from one another I hope this is the beginning of friendship that can continue forward.

I also got chatting to the pro about the plans for next year’s Logos Pro-Am and I shared with him that we were possibly looking to the East coast for next year with one of the main venues being Archerfield Links. He agreed this was a great choice of venue, but knows it can be pricey.

What I was blown away with when visiting Archerfield recently was the attention to detail and they were able to cater for our every need, and more. Too often as Christians we accept second best, but I am a great believer that to represent God fully we need to aim for the best as this sets the tone for the future. Something to pray about.

As we played round I was pleased to be playing reasonably well apart from a couple of stray tee shots which cost me a placing. I will put the good play down to some teaching from Luther Blacklock who helped me to understand the mechanics of the golf swing through his analysis of Ben Hogan.

It’s so true that you are never to old to learn and I realised that I had been making it more difficult for myself trying to do it the way I knew. I’m happy to say I am nowhere near as stubborn as I used to be but can still have my moments.

The pro played well and finished with a 72 which was very good after the wind got up for the back 9. I was a few shots back from that, but was still quite happy with my overall play and excited about working on the new fundamentals over the winter. Looking forward to next year already.

As we finished, we all agreed to catch up again at Prestwick St. Nicholas for the final Alliance of 2017. As I chatted with the pro over a coffee before our departure I shared that I hoped to make it into the top 40 of the order of Merit next year, but he felt I should aim higher than that as I was capable of top 25.

The top 25 normally signifies the players exempt from all tournaments and if you finish there you are called a ‘Top 25 player’. This is a big jump for me, but after what I said earlier about striving for the best then I have no excuses. I value the pro’s opinion and if he feels I could manage it, then top 25 it is. The tools are there, I just need to keep putting the work in.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the 2018 Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am.

In His service,


 Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com


West of Scotland Golfers Alliance – Dundonald – 16/10

The start of the Alliance fixtures signal the final months of the golfing season and it was nice to return to Dundonald where we held our very successful Pro-Am this year. After a lengthy delay on the M77 due to an overturned truck, I managed to arrive just in time, and Margaret was kind enough to rearrange the times so that nobody had to rush. A few of us got caught with the delays so this helped the running order.

I was asked to play with one of my fellow professionals, who I have often been paired with this year. We joked that we never really saw each other for 15 years and now it feels as though we see each other every other week. He also played in the Logos Pro-Am as one of the team professionals so it was good to get his feedback.

As we got started, he commented that he really enjoyed the Pro-Am and thought it went really well. He knows about the vision of having a series of events in years to come and totally gets the idea of faith.

He mentioned about finding our own truth, which means being honest about where we are in our life so that we can begin to do something about it. I have to say that the golf was secondary  as we both chatted non-stop all the way round and I know it was no accident that I ended up playing with him again. He shared a joke with me that says quite a lot about how many of us see God and you may have heard it but I’ll share it anyway.

‘During a flood a man is floating in the water and he is shouting to God to save him. Five minutes later a small boat sails by, but the man but he says he’ll wait because God is going to save him. Ten minutes later a larger yacht sails by, but the man declines the help as God will save him. As the waters get higher a helicopter stops over him to pick him up, but the man is adamant God will save him. The man drowns.

As the man stands before God after death he questions why God did not save him to which God tells the man that he tried by sending two boats and a helicopter, what else was he expecting?’

The other pro and I both agreed that too often we expect God to do all the work and forget that He guides us and makes a way for us. We have our part to play and he does not just fix everything by snapping his fingers.

A really good day and some great conversation that I know will continue in our future meetings. I look forward to speaking with him again and know he is enthusiastic about supporting our future events.

In his service,


 Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com














Logos Golf Ministries ProAm – 28/9/17 Dundonald Links

We had a beautiful day at Dundonald Links for our first Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am and I am glad to say that we had a full compliment of players and professionals present. I knew this was going to be a special day and I was not disappointed.

On arrival I was pleased to see our PGA official Glen had everything organised and what a difference that makes. There was a buzz about the lounge as the professionals and each team arrived and I could feel a real peace about the day. It was great to welcome each team plus my pro colleagues and I thanked all of them for supporting the event.

It was a real blessing to have our guest speaker, Luther Blacklock, conduct a golf clinic on the practice ground for everyone and this went down very well with all players. Luther has the qualification of being a Master Professional and is very well known is golfing circles for his coaching and reputation so this added even more to the event. After receiving some simple but effective tips, we all made our way to each starting hole and teed off promptly at 11am.

I had the privilege of playing with the Christians in Sport team of Greg, Jack & Luke and we all got on right away. Although I did not play my best golf individually we played very well as a team and all of us made some great scores on certain holes to keep us in with a shout of winning.

The thing I was most pleased about was how I was able to speak with each of the lads about my role over the past years and my own personal story of how I became a Christian. All of them were very supportive of what we are doing in Scotland and it was great to be able to answer so many questions about Logos Golf Ministries.

I must share that on our final three holes we had a great finish of nett birdie, birdie, nett eagle by Luke, myself and Greg. Jack was desperate to win a prize so we tried our best to get to double figures under par, and just managed that with Greg’s fantastic birdie nett eagle on the final hole.

We did manage to finish tied for third but missed out on the last prize due to the other team having a better inward half. Sorry Jack, but at least you hit it past Greg on the last hole after challenging him to the longest drive. I’ve not seen a ball as far down that hole for a while or a young man so smug! Many thanks for a very enjoyable round guys and hopefully we can do it again soon.

As everyone came off the course to have our dinner the sun shone brightly in the sky and I knew something special was going to happen before the end of the day. After a fantastic dinner we all got the opportunity to hear the testimony of Luther Blacklock and I have to say I was not quite prepared for how emotional it made me feel.

We had a mix of half Christians and non-Christians and I know God spoke to some of them as I felt he was even speaking to me through it. I was greatly encouraged and honoured to be part of this work and I know some of my fellow pros will have more to talk about the next time I see them.

I look forward to probably some more in depth conversations than we have had before and I ask that you pray for these situations. Can’t wait for the Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am 2018 and beyond.

Please pray for future events and the conversations that lie ahead.

In his service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com



Deer Park 36 Hole Challenge 25th & 26th September

Plenty of overnight rain meant there was a delay with the morning times on the opening day of this event. Deer Park can get fairly wet at times and play was almost cancelled for the day if we got any more rain. This gave me the chance to chat with some of the guys in the bar area.

One was particularly interested in the ministry so this gave me a chance to go into more detail about what we do both here and on Tour, and this definitely gave him food for thought. I also mentioned about our Pro-Am and the possibility of a series of events which led to a conversation about a series of events abroad over winter. They had slightly gone off topic but a decent chat to start with!

As play finally got under way after a half hour delay, my playing partners were two guys who I have played with before over the past couple of seasons.

Both were well aware of my attachment and the Logos Pro-Am this week but one spoke during the round about the ministry as he is one of the professionals attending the event so just wanted to know a bit more detail of what was happening and where we were going with it.

Another great chance to consolidate a previous chat with him, as well as letting him know what to expect from Thursday and future events. He was very keen to attend the Pro-Am and showed great interest.

As we continued round the weather held but the course was still very wet and the greens became increasingly difficult to judge with how much they had been brushed to get rid of excess water. The normally perfectly presented greens were not the usual fast pace and this caused a few problems for one of my partners and I. The other seemed to negotiate them well but I have always struggled on greens that are not fast but not too slow, especially when damp.

After a poor display on the greens in the back nine I was disappointed with the score after striking the ball reasonably well. A good round required tomorrow.

The next day I was paired with two others who, again, I have both played with before and chatted to the previous day. A birdie at the first got us off to a good start and it was good to see some of my hard work starting to pay off and I felt good to go.

As we got chatting, one of the players was very interested in Logos and this led to several conversations about my faith and also a certain Mr Revie, who he must have come across on some Tour events.

It’s quite rare that someone tees up an opportunity to share a mini testimony but he asked me on the 8th hole, “So have you always been a church person?”. As we waited on a group playing through us due to a lost ball, I shared my experience of running away from my faith and then being ‘called’ back. It felt like good timing and he was interested.

On the back 9 he mentioned about guys he has played with who were quite ‘full on’ about their faith and I commented that everyone is different with how they share. Some need the subtle and some need a sledgehammer, and we are also all different on how we receive it. I am more the subtle approach and will never force anything on anyone unless the situation presents itself but God keeps providing the openings which I am happy to explore.

The other player and I chatted about a mutual friend, who has worked with him recently and I mentioned that he was interested in doing some work for Logos on Tour to which he thought would be right up his street and something he would be very good at. I know the player has great respect for him, not just because of his work but his faith also which only consolidates the ministry work.

It’s not often there are so many great chats at one event but it seemed as though everyone was really interested and the fact we have an event on the calendar with more to come has really got people talking.

With the sun even coming out for the last hour it was a very pleasant day despite a ball out of bounds at the short 13th. I was 3 under playing the hole and tried to bite off more than I should have which cost me a double bogey, but I wanted a low round.

Nevertheless it was nice to play reasonably well and the putting surfaces were smoother than the previous day. It was a pleasure to share some time with the guys over the past couple of days and I know God’s plan is taking shape.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am this Thursday (28th September).

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com


The P & H Championship – Renaissance Club(18th & 19th September)

This event normally takes place earlier in the year around May/June time but has been put back to late September due to the venue. This has loaded the schedule for the end of the year along with the Scottish PGA Championship in October but probably not a bad time to have it.

It’s nice to go to a venue like The Rennaissance Club as it feels more like a proper tour event with a players lounge and breakfast and lunch provided as standard. Driving up, you can see the range balls lined up on a fantastic crescent shaped range and it feels like you’re privileged. Before I played I bumped into a fellow pro, who was tucking into his breakfast and we had a brief chat about our work and how pleasant it was to sit in such nice surroundings.

He and I go way back to the amateur days of playing in the Glasgow Boys tournaments and at that time he was a GB & I cap. He does not play much now due to his club job but keeps his hand in whenever he can. It was good to catch up with him and hopefully I’ll get to speak with in more detail again.

My playing partners were from Dunblane and Yorkshire. I know the former well as we came through the PGA training at the same time so we had plenty to chat about over the course of the round. The other was a young lad from south of the border who had come up with his dad and has just started off in his PGA career. Both he and his dad were very quiet but nice gents and didn’t get too involved in the conversation apart from the usual golf chit-chat.

After a decent start my other playing partner and I got chatting about how life was treating us and this led to discussing the ministry to which he commented “Yes, I’ve heard you were doing that”. I was trying to think if I had spoken with him before about it but I think he may have heard it second hand which is good to know people are talking. I got to explain how we managed to arrange a Pro-Am this year with a guest speaker and he seemed quite interested but he did not go much further on it.

We were all playing reasonably well and then I had a horror hole which saw me take quite a few shots from a pot bunker and this derailed me a bit. There was very little sand in the bunker and no matter where you were in this very small, thin trap it seemed there was almost no shot out. My course management has normally been quite good this year but when I look back on that moment I opted for the glory shot instead of sacrificing and accepting I was going to drop at least a couple of shots.

This led to me dropping quite a few more than that. The only positive was that I didn’t let that affect the rest of my round and I still played reasonably well apart from that one hole. I now had to score a really low round the next day.

As we sat down to lunch, we all contemplated the round and although none of us had played that badly, we didn’t score as well as we should have. The Rennaissance Club can do that to you with the massive sloping plateau greens and if you can leave the course without a single three-putt you’ll be one of the very few.

Day two started with blue sky as far as you can see and I got chatting to quite a few guys before play. At breakfast I sat with a guy who now works for a golfing brand, but is still a PGA pro. We discussed the Logos Pro-Am which he seemed quite impressed with. I spoke with him a couple of years back regarding Logos so he already knew the background, and he felt this was really good exposure for us along with a reputable guest speaker such as Luther Blacklock.

A really good chat and good to catch up with him again after not seeing him for a while. I was just about to make my way out to hit some balls and I came across a tour player, who asked how I was doing. I was able to give him the full spiel about my family life and work for Logos and he just kind of looked at me with a shocked look. He obviously remembered what I was like a decade ago and was surprised by the change. As I left him, he did wish me well with the Pro-Am which was nice.

On to the second round and with my playing partners from the day before, we knew we had to go low. I don’t think I can remember a round where I hit the ball as consistently but did not really get any reward from it. I knew I had to go for it so I was more aggressive on the greens than I normally would have been as there were no points for shooting even par. I knew I needed about four or five under to make it through, so this increased the risk of three-putting which I was willing to take.

I just gave myself too much to do round a tough course but was pleased that I was at least able to give it a go the way I was hitting it. I chose the right shots to hit and gave the ball a good run on the greens which did not quite work out.

At the end of the round my older playing partner and I sat in the lounge and we talked about the event and how nice it was to play a venue such as this. We didn’t make it through but we were thankful to be there and be able to compete at that level. Both of us are capable of playing well enough to make the final stages of events. We just need to play more and don’t put so much pressure on ourselves.

I definitely feel my game is about to ignite and I am excited about moving up the rankings to where I should be, that being said I am very thankful that I can even play in PGA events. I am very blessed and I know that being more prominent can only help to serve the ministry and for what God is going to do in Scottish golf. I will press on towards the goal and look forward to the Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am at Dundonald next week. This event is not just the culmination of the work done over the past years, but the beginning of God’s work moving to the next level.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Logos Pro-Am.

In His Service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com


Scottish PGA Championship Qualifying – Crieff  30/8/17

There always seems to be a good day for this event or maybe it’s just the location. A very pleasant morning in the heart of Scotland and not too far from Gleneagles sits the always well presented Ferntower course in Crieff.

I was playing with two players from the east coast, whom I have come across a few times in years gone by as they are my generation. As we started off at 8.30am there was very little wind and it does seem that every time we play Crieff there is a certain calmness about the weather no matter what time of year it is.

We all got off to a decent start and after a few holes both the guys asked me what I was doing with myself. One spoke to me at at the 4th hole which allowed me to give a simple explanation of family life, work and my role with the ministry. I’ve gotten used to condensing the information as I’ve had to do it a few times now and there is just too much to talk about if I was to go into it in detail.

He seemed interested enough but didn’t really pursue any of the things I spoke about however this left the door open for the other player, who on the next hole picked up from the previous conversation. He is fairly outspoken at times but I like him as he does not pretend to be anyone else than himself. What you see is what you get.

As we played the 5th hole he was interested to know about the ministry as he heard the announcement on the tee and probably saw it on the start sheet. I was able to give a bit more detail than normal as that was the main focus of the chat, and he had mentioned a fellow Christian pro had spoken with him a couple of years back regarding the whole faith versus evolution issue.

He was very clear that he has no problem with faith and has a live and let live approach to it all. The one thing that bothers him is when faith becomes religion and forces its views on the world. I agreed with him that faith and religion are completely different and each person does have to choose their path in life but it is important which path we choose. As I have mentioned to friends and family many times our beliefs are not true just because we believe in them, they are either true or false. An interesting conversation and I hope to have some more time with him in the future.

As we played round, the weather held good for us and during the back 9 we were all in with a chance of qualifying but the first player I spoke with had a couple of poor holes and I was not holing the putts that I normally would. The guy I chatted more with played well and scored 1 over to qualify but the other player and I both shot 5 over which was a few off the mark. We all played reasonably well from tee to green but Crieff can be notoriously difficult on the greens and the two of us struggled with the putting at times.

For me, I know I really need to analyse my putting stroke as it’s been bothering me for a while now and I haven’t really done anything about it lately. I’ve gotten away with it for a long time but for a part of the game that is used on average 45% of the time this needs to be addressed, especially at this level. It’s so easy to not bother with something because you don’t think it’s that important and the usual phrase ‘It’ll be OK’ prevents dealing with the real problem. We do that a lot with the simple things and end up finding out that’s what can make or break us. It’s the same with our faith.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report,

In his service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com















Douglas Park Pro-Am – August 2017

Douglas Park Golf Club hosts one of the few Pro-Ams that I always play in each year due to where it is and there is always a healthy support for this Pro-Am, meaning plenty of Professionals required for it. After the weather of the previous 2 days I was not even sure if the event would go ahead but no messages from the PGA that morning so business as usual.

On arrival I made my way to the practice putting green to find a very wet and spongy surface which was not great to putt on. The alarm bells were going off already and I could see a number of puddles down the 1st and 18th holes. The course was probably borderline for playing and if this had been a Saturday medal I’m sure it would not have gone ahead. The problem the officials have in these circumstances is that a lot of money and planning goes into organizing a Pro-Am, so unless there are rivers running down the fairways and lakes on the greens they will always try and go ahead. The alternative is to rearrange for another day which is very hard to do at this stage in the year.

None of my playing partners had played the course before. As we walked down the 1st hole I got chatting to one of them about my role with the ministry as he asked what club I was at due to the announcement on the tee of my attachment. Its always good to get in there early and I got to give him a fairly comprehensive explanation before we finished the hole. I also had a moment with another partner around the 5th hole where he asked, “So what’s Logos Ministries then?”. He had obviously been thinking about it for a bit and then felt he had to ask, so this was another good chat which lasted for the duration of the hole. He thought it was good idea to have something like that on the tartan tour and was quite impressed we have got an event on the calendar. As usual this year, the weather changed from being fairly calm to being wet and windy. It was a tough slog for the back 9 with the course playing it’s full length, and Douglas Park’s greens are difficult enough when dry never mind being spongy with the amount of rain they had taken over the past days. All the scores that day were quite high due to this and definitely added to an ‘off’ day for me.

On completion of our round we headed to the lounge for dinner and we sat and had a good chat about various things from the Ministry to Golf Equipment. Despite the round falling short of all our expectations we thoroughly enjoyed each others company and will try too keep in touch. One of my partners, being an retired golf club maker, has even offered to meet up with me before next season to have a look at my equipment so that he can assure me of the shafts being ‘pured’ and balanced. Without getting into the science too much this is a great offer even with a new set of clubs and I will definitely meet with him over a few holes at some point before the end of the season.

Just as I was about to leave I bumped into a fellow Pro and friend  who had finished tied  for 1st place that day. He has struggled recently with his knee and even had surgery on it this year so is only now getting back to playing more. He asked me how things were going and I mentioned to him about the Logos Pro-Am in September. He is going to see if he can bring a team to the event as he would like to attend as one of the Professionals but will see how his knee is holding up. I pray he can make it. Overall, a very encouraging day despite the course conditions and nothing better than a chance meeting. Is there such a thing??

A very quick mention of thanks to my friend Ewan Forgie who invited me to the Grace Church Golf Day at Falkirk Tryst on Friday. This gave a great opportunity for Christians and Non-Christians to play golf with each other and I was especially privileged to share a brief story of my journey after a very enjoyable game and meal. During the day I was able to speak with my playing companion Aidan regarding the Ministry in more detail and we had a really good chat over dinner which I think will result in us meeting up again for a game. A real gentleman and a terrific golfer who along with 80 year old Jimmy was a pleasure to play with. By the way, Jimmy plays off an 8 handicap and still hits it pretty good – incredible.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for future conversations.

In his Service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com


Kerr Investments 36 Hole Pro-Am Qualifying

An early rise again for my journey down to Dumfries as I was off at 8.10am, and it takes about 90 minutes to get there. A beautiful morning was provided for my birthday and driving through the hills of the M74 with the blue sky above was clear evidence of God’s creation.

After arriving I got myself sorted and made my way to the tee. I was looking forward to the day but this course has always presented me with some issues due to the small quirky greens and subtle breaks. Dumfries and Galloway Golf Club is not by any means a difficult course but the one word I would use – tricky. When I got to the tee I was the first of my group to arrive and chatted to one of the PGA officials. He mentioned that I had been playing more this year which had seen some better results recently. The two of us were more pleased at the fact we were both wearing short sleeves and dry due to the number of events this year that both of us got soaked.

My playing partners were from East Kilbride and Turnhouse and after the usual introductions and ball identification we got started fairly sharp. It is sometimes unusual for my playing partners not to ask about my attachment but this is more common amongst the younger players which both boys were. I thought it was going to be one of those quiet rounds again but both boys surprised me by asking about Logos half way into the round – both on the same hole. This gave me quite a good opportunity to share about my role and my faith and I was pleased they seemed interested. Both boys were respectful lads and decent players and as they are not long into their PGA careers I will continue to look out for them and see how they get on.

The one thing I am very aware of now is whatever situation I find myself in I need to deal with whatever comes at me and make the best of it. During the round I hit my ball into one of the bunkers and as I walked up to see the lie, I was disappointed to find the ball was so far buried in the sand, I had no shot out. This is very unusual and a result of there being too much sand in the bunker. I attempted the shot knowing I could not get the ball out but simply trying to move it to a better position in the bunker. After finally getting out in two shots I missed a 6-foot putt for a bogey and walked off feeling slightly miffed.

It can feel really frustrating getting a bad break like that, but I look at it from the point of view that if I hadn’t put it in the bunker I would not have been in that situation, and I tried my best with each shot so can’t really complain. God is always with us even in unfair situations and he allows us to see the situation for what it really is which teaches us and strengthens us for the future. Despite not qualifying by a couple of shots I was pleased that I still gave myself a chance of qualifying by continuing on with some decent play and not letting that moment affect me. We never know what can happen until the game is over and I will be back next year to try again. We only ever really fail when we give up.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report,

In His service,

Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com