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Alliance at Western Gailes (Irvine) -15/2/17

western gailes golf course

Alliance at Western Gailes (Irvine) -15/2/17

After my last visit to this course last year I was looking forward to returning and enjoying my first outing of 2017 in much calmer conditions. Playing with a 40mph crosswind at this venue previously was not pleasant, but a calm breeze was blowing on arrival and I was eager to get going and post a good score to start the year off well.

I was playing with my Irish friend from Prestwick, Adrian and David Stein from Ranfurly Castle. Adrian was well aware of my attachment from our last outing but I had not met David before who is one of the professionals at Ranfurly. As we got going I immediately got chatting to David who had mentioned he saw my name around over the past couple of seasons and also wondered about Logos Golf Ministries and what that meant as an attachment. Great introduction and proof that many of the guys who I have not spoken with yet will have the same questions and that many conversations await, especially with the Logos Pro Am in black and white on the PGA roster.

As we walked along the second hole I got the chance to go into things in a bit more detail and explained about my role as an ambassador and someone who can be approached to discuss anything regarding the Christian faith without fear of views being forced on anyone. He seemed pleasantly surprised and agreed with the concept which is always positive. I have yet to experience someone completely disagreeing with what I am doing but I know there will be some opposition, as there always is eventually when it comes to Christianity. I will continue to trust that God has the situation in hand and no matter what comes against us, he has the answer and the victory.

We all played fairly solid for the rest of the round and although not much else was said regarding the Ministry or the Pro Am, we all got on well and I suppose it shows that the guys were quite comfortable with me and that is important when laying foundations for the future. I felt for David on the 14th hole as he was going along at about level par and hit what we thought was a decent drive. As we got down to where his ball should have been there was no trace and very strange not to find the ball. As play was tightly packed behind us he chose not to go back which effectively ended the round for him. Very unfortunate but I wish he had gone back to play another ball as he still could have returned a decent score. He was probably still in shock not to find the ball, as we all were, and made a rash decision without really thinking it through, but he did not want to hold play up anymore. I’m sure if it was an Order of Merit event he would have went back and played on.

On completing the round I managed to finish in 3rd place with 74. Not bad for the first round of the year on a challenging course as always. It was just nice to not be blown off the planet this time and keep the ball in play for a steady round. Hopefully signs of things to come with performance, and especially colleagues noticing the Logos name more and more this year. It is so easy to give up when feeling despondent but God has called us to press on and he rewards those who are faithful in that respect.

Please pray for those mentioned and the future of the ministry in this exciting year ahead.
In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour. Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com