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The travelling lifestyle of a Tour player makes it very difficult for Christian fellowship, as well as for receiving pastoral support and benefiting from bible teaching. It is also unlikely that a much travelling non-Christian Tour player will have opportunities to hear the Gospel.
Logos Golf Ministries has special opportunities, therefore, to serve these travelling Tour professionals by attending tournaments, building relationships with players, caddies, administrators, media, manufacturers etc and holding meetings for them at the events. The Tour governing bodies give us special permission to do this.

Christians in this environment are generally small in number and yet have a very wide impact. The Christian players are of many nationalities and constantly in the public eye, frequently being asked for interviews by television and radio, newspapers and magazines. Whether sought or not, sports stars are seen as leaders in our culture and they are consequently very influential, particularly in their home nation. A wise and sensitive Christian, with a well-articulated personal faith, can witness where many others cannot and so this aspect of our ministry has a literally worldwide effect.

LOGOS Chaplaincy team

Ken Revie LOGOS Chaplain
Ken Revie
European Tour
Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown,
PGA Professional
on the Tartan Tour

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