What is Logos?

The travelling lifestyle of a Tour player makes it very difficult for Christian fellowship, as well as for receiving pastoral support and benefiting from bible teaching. It is also unlikely that a travelling Tour player will have opportunities to hear the Gospel.

Logos Golf Ministries has special opportunities, therefore, to serve these travelling Tour professionals by attending tournaments, building relationships with players and caddies, leading bible studies, giving pastoral support and personal outreach on the PGA European Tour, PGA Ladies European Tour and the PGA Tartan Tour.

Why Logos?

To golfers, the word “Logos” means both nothing and everything. For non-Christians it is probably no more than a non-threatening, cringe-free name when they see it displayed at a golf event; or when telling friends they are attending a Logos Golf Day. To Christians, however, “Logos” means so much, and describes exactly what we stand for as an organisation :

Jesus Christ is the Word (Logos). He is God’s supreme revelation of Himself. God has finally and decisively spoken to the world in the person of His Son (John 1:1).

The Bible is God’s Word (Logos). It is the Jesus presented to us in the Bible who we must love and serve. Christian faith is fed and strengthened, love for God grows and matures, as the Bible is taught and we respond in obedience (Hebrews 4:12).

The Gospel is the Word (Logos). Unashamedly, we place a very high priority on telling others the Good News of Jesus. The death and resurrection of Jesus are historical events that must be believed, and the consequences personally embraced, if anyone is to enjoy eternal life (2 Cor. 5:19).

The curiosity aroused by the very word “Logos,” therefore enables any Christian golfer to straightaway open up a conversation centred around the very heart of what we are trying to do. In short, the name “Logos” is an evangelistic tool in the hands of those keen to reach their friends with the Gospel.

Logos Golf Ministries is an independent Christian ministry, with charitable status, dedicated to helping Christians to use their golf for this worthy purpose.

Our distinctiveness is our evangelical beliefs alongside experience, knowledge and involvement in golf. We love the Lord and we know the sport of golf.

Taking the Word of God to the world of golf